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It hit me. I received a notice to renew my business license and just like that, I happily survived my first year of owning Green Orchid Events. Although weddings and events were not new to me (going on year 9 of being a wedding planner), being a business owner was. Many words come to mind when I think of this year: thankful, blessed, lucky, etc. It makes me emotional thinking of all the couples who invited into their lives to celebrate a huge milestone with them, their wedding day. No matter how much time passes, I am forever grateful and humbled that they picked me to be their wedding planner. YOU….yes you have made me a better person, a stronger planner, and probably gave me a wrinkle from smiling so hard.

As I reflect on this past year and what is to come in the future I wanted to remind myself and maybe new wedding planners who are just starting out some important tips! I still have a lot to learn and I am not where I want to be…yet.

Be Kind: You never know who is watching or listening. Never get so overwhelmed or stressed on a wedding day that you forget to smile, forget to say please or thank you, or forget that it takes a team. We all have bad days or have a moment where we might be less than pleasant with someone. “I am sorry” goes a long way.
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Leave your ego at the door: It isn’t your show and it isn’t your wedding day! I always say it takes a village to raise a child and plan a wedding. Don’t stand around with a clipboard staring at people…you are not J.Lo and if you are not busy, help a wedding professional that is!
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Avoid the “B” word….Busy: I so so so get it. There are plenty of times that we feel like we are drowning, can’t catch our breath, and dream of a day off. But don’t get so busy that your forget to spend time with friends and family, forget to find time to grab coffee or lunch with a new wedding professional, or forget to answer an email. Also, don’t get so busy that you lose yourself in the process.
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Find your tribe: You will do a lot of weddings and make a lot of mistakes before you find your tribe. Your tribe are the wedding professionals that you know will show up and show out. They make you look good, really good! You know they will be on time, give a 150% to your clients, and are as passionate about the wedding as you are. This also applies to your couples. Stick to the couples that fit your brand and beliefs! You pick your couple as much as they pick you!
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Community over competition: You need your fellow wedding planners. I am lucky to call some of the top Las Vegas wedding planners, my friends. I refer a ton of weddings out to them as they do with me. I have called on them when I need an extra hand at a wedding or when I needed something for a client that I couldn’t find on my own. Trust me, you will need them!
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I am excited for 2017 as I am entering the new year more confident, more experienced, and so ready to plan the hell out of your wedding!


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Courtney and Robby: Engagement Session for their fall wedding

This week Courtney and Robby will become husband and wife so we had to share their engagement session with Norina Kaye! We are so excited for their wedding at Red Rock Country Club with their closest friends and family!

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A Vineyard Elopement featured on Grey Likes Weddings

I am always in awe of people who see the world in a different way than I do. When I first met with Gaby J we instantly made plans to collaborate together on something different, fresh, and just a little bit off the beaten path! It was so refreshing to work on something that was relaxed, not overthought, and natural. Pahrump Valley Winery stole our hearts with their lush trees, quaint grounds, and my favorite part…WINE!

Thank you to Grey Likes Weddings for the feature!


las-vegas-wedding-planner-green-orchid-events-elopement-at-pahrump-valley-winery Green Orchid Events

Meet the team!
Photography and Creative Design: Gaby J Photography
Coordinator and Creative Design: Green Orchid Events
Floral Designer: City Blossoms Floral
Rental Chairs and Tables: RSVP Party Rentals
Hair and Makeup: Ruby Finch Salon
Venue: Pahrump Valley Winery
Wedding Cake: Peridot Sweets
Bride’s Gown: Bella Bridesmaids Las Vegas Designer: Joanna August
Stationery: She Paperie
Linen: Adorn
Ribbon: Silk and Willow
Food Stylist: Meggan Blake

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Summer Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips with Lori J White

As I was sweating my face off the other day, I dreamed of dunking my head into a tub of foundation to make me look like a normal person again! That is when I knew I had to pick the brain of professional hair and makeup artist, Lori J White. Lori has been servicing our brides for years now and I am still in awe of her dedication and talent she brings. We all know summers in Las Vegas are hot…..VERY hot so I invited Lori to share some hair and makeup tips for summer weddings!

las vegas hair and makeup artist Lori J White

What is the best foundation to wear in the summertime?
Summertime. We all look forward to it. But here in Vegas, summer can be
unforgiving on our beauty routines! When it comes to foundations, there’s
a couple different ways to go. A BB or CC cream or tinted moisturizer
would be a great alternative if you need a light coverage. They’re loaded
with antioxidants and yummy things for your skin. And there is one for
every budget, from high end to drugstore variety. The CC cream from IT
Cosmetics is a lovely one. But there are some girls who just prefer a full
coverage foundation no matter what time of year it is. (This is totally
me.) If that’s the case, go for the long wear variety. You’ll get the
coverage you want with the breathability you need. Again, there are great
ones for every budget. Kat Von D’s Lock It is amazing and comes in a wide
range of colors. MAC’s Pro Long Wear is also great. For the girls on a
budget, Revlon Colorstay foundation in either normal to oily or normal to
dry is the bomb. It lasts for 24 hours, is easy to work with and doesn’t
budge even under extreme conditions! But no matter what you choose to go
with, be sure to use a primer! They really do help the foundation to go on
smoother and last longer. One of my favorites for summer is Smashbox Photo
finish light. It works with every skin type, is oil free, and works with
every type of foundation. And a great dupe for that is Rimmel Fix &
Perfect Pro. Love them both. I also love Laura Geller’s Spackle in
Champagne. Its full of ingredients that baby the skin.

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What are your tips on getting eyeshadow not to crease?
Eyeshadow creasing! Ugh! We’ve all been there. But what’s a girl to do
when its 200° out?? No worries! There are a few tricks that can prevent
that from happening. A great eyeshadow primer, like Urban Decay Primer
Potion, will work wonders. MAC, Too Faced…most lines have at least one,
even the budget friendly lines. They help by preventing oil from coming to
the surface of the eyelids. It will also leave a smooth even colored
surface for eyeshadow application. Also, you can run your foundation
across your eyelids, especially if you’re wearing a long wear foundation.
Just a light dust of powder, and you’re ready for shadow. Personally, I
use a concealer on my eyelids. It covers any discoloration and it grabs my
shadow really well. If you’re looking for a more natural look, you could
use long wear creamy shadows. Cream shadows have come a long way. They
blend super well, and once they set, they lock on. Typically they’re
shimmery and come in beautiful summery colors.

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How can a bride go about removing sweat from her face without wiping all of her makeup off?
So how do you keep your makeup looking fresh in this legendary Las
Vegas heat? Oil blot papers! They will be your best friend on a stifling
summer day. They magically absorb surface oil and sweat without disturbing
your fab makeup job. You can find them anywhere….Ulta, Sephora,
department stores, drugstores. Just blot or dab a sheet or two along your
face, and voila! Good as new! And there are so many varieties…anti
bacterial, lavender, green tea, plain, etc. Plus, they hardly take up any
room, so you can tuck a pack in even the tiniest of bags.

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With Las Vegas being so dry and then add on the heat, what type of lipstick will last the longest?
Lips can really take a beating in extreme heat, so they need a little
extra TLC in summer. A lip scrub will help keep lips in tip top shape.
Typically made like a sugar scrub, they are a yummy indulgence and really
help to prepare lips for lip color. One way to get a pop of color is with
lip stains. Not only do they come in a wide array of colors, but they are
a breeze to use. Either with a doe foot applicator or in marker form, just
a swipe, and let it set. Then top with a gloss or a balm, and you’re good
to go. Just reapply the gloss or balm as needed. There are some glosses
that stain as well, too. Now, if you prefer more color, then a long wear
lipstick or lip cream is for you. NYX, Color Pop, Sephora brand, OCC lip
tar…there are so many to choose from! Creamy and extremely long lasting,
they have a huge color payoff. They will last til the sun comes up! And
they do not dry out your lips like the long wearing lip colors of

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What hairstyles work best for the hot summer months?
For this time of year, I love anything side swept, like either a curly
or wavy pony or side bun. It keeps the hair off your neck, which feels
great. And incorporating some type of braid is like the cherry on top.
Braids are so in right now, and they scream summer. Also, you can’t go
wrong with a messy updo. It’s so classic, and if a few more strands fall,
it’ll still work.

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What are your favorite summer makeup products?
Favorite summer makeup products…I think every girl has a few. First,
I love a good setting spray, particularly in this time of year. Urban
Decay has the legendary All Nighter Spray, MAC has Fix Plus…there are
plenty to choose from. A spritz or two will go a long way to keeping your
face going all day or night. Also, summer weather usually requires us to
switch up our moisturizer and/or skin care routine. Make sure to
thoroughly remove your makeup, moisturize and tone. I use witch hazel as a
toner… it’s awesome for your pores, and feels great, especially if you
keep it in the refrigerator! And besides blot papers, my oily skin loves
Bare Minerals Mineral Veil or It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores as a finishing
powder. Usually I mix the two, and the combination leaves my skin smooth
and shine free all day. And the color of the two mixed is perfect for my
pale skin tone.

A huge thank you to Lori White for taking the time to chat with me about hair and makeup tips for the summer! Lori will be spending her summer with day trips to Mount Charleston, a few massages, and is looking forward to a trip to Sedona with her husband this October!

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Bobbie and Kevin: Romantic Red Wedding at Red Rock Country Club

“It was completely worth the wait”! These were the words Bobbie spoke as we all had tears rolling down our face watching a super sweet video Kevin made for her. During the planning process Bobbie felt Kevin wasn’t as excited about the wedding as she was. Little did she know that during the wedding process Kevin was putting together a countdown video. There were times he even filmed near her and she didn’t even know! It was the most heartfelt gift to give to his bride while she was getting ready in her room at Red Rock Hotel. It was then I realized the special love they share. It may have been a journey to get to their wedding day, but it is incredible to see what the power of waiting will bring.

Bobbie and Kevin coming from New Mexico knew they wanted their closest family and friends there. Their bridal party include nieces, nephews, and siblings. Their officiants being good friends sealed the deal in making it a wedding personal to them. They chose a classic color palette that accompanied the desert landscaping perfectly. Thank you both for allowing Green Orchid Events to be a part of your journey! With Bobbie and Kevin owning a chiropractor office together and Bobbie being Miss New Mexico I know there is nothing but great things ahead! Cheers!

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Meet the Team:
Wedding Coordination: Green Orchid Events
Photography: Gideon Photography
Venue: Red Rock Country Club
Floral: Layers of Lovely
Wedding Cake: Las Vegas Custom Cakes
DJ: Music Solutions
Hair and Makeup: Your Beauty Call

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