Vow Renewal: Some Insight on 25 Years of Marriage

I have been planning a 25th vow renewal with Karen and Joseph for over a year now and we are so excited for their big celebration this month at DragonRidge Country Club! Throughout our planning, I have learned what has gotten this mighty couple through 25 years of marriage! Was it easy? Absolutely not. Was it worth it? YES!

Karen and Joseph 1

Karen and Joseph were married 25 years ago in their military uniforms and boots in a very casual setting. This time around they want a full out GLAM wedding, which is why I call Karen my “Glam Bride” which in return she calls me “Glam Dream Super Planner”. SWOON! They are hard working parents who want to have a big bash with their closest friends and family. Many who are traveling from Chicago.

I asked Karen and Joseph some advice on marriage, love, and life. See below for some great insight!

Karen and Joseph Oldie

What is the hardest thing you have experienced together?
Hardest thing we had to experience in our marriage was when I thought I had lost him in the conflict Desert Storm. We were in country for about three months into the conflict, he had been attached to another unit. He had called me from his location and we had been talking when I heard explosions in the background. Soon after the line went dead. I was completely distraught, and was very nervous that he was gone. It would be a few days before I would hear from him. When I did finally talk with him, It was then when I realized he was my soulmate and I wanted to be with him the rest of my life. He was the One. I still have the letters that he wrote to me while we were getting bombed. They are one of my most prized possessions that he has ever given me aside from our children. We have been through a lot in our marriage, more than I could probably put in words but we have pulled through and stayed stronger together every since. Meeting the in-laws was a breeze…LOL!

What advice do you have for newlyweds?
Always say, ” I love you” everyday and every chance you get to your spouse even if you’re mad at them. Especially, if you’ve just been fighting or arguing with them. Just because you’re upset at someone doesn’t mean you stop loving them. The grass may be greener on the other side, but if you water your own grass like you did on the first day, your grass will be just as green.

Have patience with one another as you grow older together. You are two different people with different backgrounds, different personalities, and sometimes different cultures. Make sure you listen to what each other is saying and don’t just listen to respond.

In our busy lives sometimes we forget to make time for ourselves as a couple. Make sure to do this because in time the children leave and you may outgrow or move away from friends.

Where do you see yourselves in the next 25 years?
Hopefully in the next 25 years we will be enjoying our family and each other. Traveling to different cities and countries and crossing items off our bucket list like Paris, couple motorcycles, and cuddling with our grandchildren in our dream home!! Hopefully he’ll still be making me laugh and calling me a beautiful Goddess, and I’ll still be calling him Superman!

Does it get any sweeter?! We can’t wait to share their wedding day with you!

Karen and Jospeh

Joseph and Karen



Brand Reveal for Green Orchid Events

Kaylyn from Gold Prism Creative is proof that marketing your business on Instagram works! I can’t remember exactly how I landed on her Instagram page but I remember clicking through to her website and spending so much time reading all about her, reviewing her portfolio, learning about her process of working with clients. I immediately knew I had to reach out to her. And then, the biggest coincidence happened. Kaylyn was set to marry her love Nick in Las Vegas in 2016! We couldn’t think of a more perfect start to a great working relationship!

We are over the moon with our new logo and website! The process with Kaylyn was so organized and she delivered not only an amazing website to us but the process from beginning to end was so perfect. She communicated everything I should be expecting throughout the process and had all answers for me before I could even ask them. It was an intense TWO weeks. Yes, it took just two weeks for the project. We couldn’t be happier with the way it all came together. Check out the official Brand Reveal video put together by Kaylyn.



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TISOH 10th Anniversary Gala

I remember my first phone conversation with Tim Lam, Executive Director of TISOH, The International School of Hospitality, like it was yesterday. I had worked at the Mandalay Bay wedding chapel several years prior and had already graduated with a hotel degree from UNLV, but was seeking more specific education on how to open up a wedding planning business. Tim was so warm and inviting and hospitable! I immediately enrolled and attended the Wedding Coordination & Design course in 2006 in their temporary classroom at UNLV while the TISOH building was under construction. I still can’t believe it’s been 9 years!

As I was taking the course, I was also developing my wedding planning business. Looking back, that was probably my craziest idea but I had a supportive entrepreneurial minded husband who guided me and didn’t allow me to fail.

Fast forward 9 years and Green Orchid Events would not be where we are today without TISOH. I am forever grateful because the school allowed me to make connections, build relationships, and gain the confidence I needed to actually run a business.Through TISOH, I also met Angelica while setting up for a wedding. Shortly after, I decided to see if she would be interested in planning weddings with me. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Last week, we celebrated the 10th year anniversary of TISOH with a formal gala at the Bellagio. They selected a graduate as the “Distinguished Graduate” for each year and I was selected for the 2006 year!! I am truly honored to receive this award and had such a wonderful time celebrating with friends and industry colleagues. Congratulations to TISOH on 10 wonderful years. Cheers to many, many more!!



asparagus-salad-avocado-oven-cured-tomatoes-beets entree-petite-lobster-shepherd's-pie


floral-arrangement-gala gala-honorees-tisoh-10-year gold-beaded-charger-menu juliet-douglas-green-orchid-events marcus-lam-tim-lam-donnell-bayot tisoh-10-year-distinguished-graduate tisoh-10-year-gala tisoh-distinguished-graduate-juliet-douglas tisoh-distinguished-graduates-honorees tisoh-distinguished-graduate-trophies tisoh-gala-bellagio tisoh-gala-bellagio-floral-centerpiece tisoh-gala-bellagio-gold-sequin-linen tisoh-gala-menu TISOH-stage
Photos by Jenna Dosch Photography

Decor: MGM Resorts Event Productions
Linen: Creative Coverings

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Candice and Aries: A blush pink wedding dream

Candice and Aries are such a beautiful couple inside and out and I was the lucky one to be their wedding planner! Planning with them was a dream and they made the perfect team, making decisions together for the wedding. I loved meetings with them at their house as that allowed me snuggle time with the famous Sobe, their dog child who you will see throughout their photos. They chose Westin Lake Las Vegas as their stunning venue.

The day started with the bridal party getting ready together. The girls had on darling robes while the guys toasted each other with champagne.





I love when couples take a moment from the chaos of wedding prep to write a heartfelt letter to each other – the last letter before becoming husband and wife!
bride-letter-from-groom groom-letter-from-bride


bride-getting-in-dress groom-getting-ready

Candice and Aries wanted to keep the tradition of not seeing each other prior to the ceremony. It was worth it when we saw Aries’s reaction to Candice walking down the aisle!
ringbearers dog-wedding-ceremony emotional-groom bridal-processional

As guests enjoyed cocktail hour, our couple and the bridal party sneaked away for some photos!
bride-bridesmaids-blush-pinkgroom-groomsmen bridal-party-lake-las-vegas

As we made our way to the reception, the guests were in store for a wild grand entrance! Candice, Aries, and the bridal party had rehearsed a wedding party dance that took everyone by surprise!

Candice and Aries wanted a romantic wedding with soft lighting and touches of Blush Pink, Gold, and Ivory.
wedding-reception-lake-las-vegas-pink blush-pink-wedding-cake


Congratulations Candice and Aries! We are so honored to know you and so happy we were a part of your wedding!

Wedding Team:
Wedding Planner: Green Orchid Events
Venue: Westin Lake Las Vegas
Photography: Adam Trujillo Photography
Videography: Memory Lane Video
Floral Designer: Enchanted Florist
Hair and Makeup: Your Beauty Call
Wedding Cake: Peridot Sweets
Lighting: LED Unplugged
Entertainment: Harry O Productions
Linen: La Tavola Linen
Photobooth: ShutterBooth LV





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