ICEHOTEL in Sweden

One day I would love to visit this hotel made almost entirely of ice. Notice I said “visit” not “stay”.

The section of the website I love is, “How to sleep in minus 5 degrees c”: “The bed you sleep on consists of an ice block and a thick mattress, covered with reindeer skins. You sleep in a sleeping bag. In the morning you are wakened with a mug of hot lingonberry juice.”

It is also home to a church, a restaurant (which is not made of ice), conference facilities, and lets not forget the all important Absolut IceBar, which is made entirely of ice!

I also read that they do many weddings in the ice church so I thought I would include a photo for those brides who are still looking for a site. 😉

As a hotel developer, can you imagine having to rebuild your hotel year after year?

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