I LOVE chocolate (and sweets)…

…but these are NOT on my list of sweets to try!

I’ll list a few items and you let me know if any sound appetizing: chocolate covered scorpions, Tequilalix – tequila flavored and worm filled lollipop, chocolate flavored giant ants, lizard wine, or a peppermint lollipop containing ants!

Well, if any of your insectivores are interested, head over to the appropriately (or ironically) named website edible.com. They have a huge assortment to please the palates and curiosity of only the daring!

There is, however, one item I would love to try which does not involve previously moving and breathing things. It’s a champagne flavored lollipop containing 24 Karat Californian golf flakes. Yummy! Note to self: possible awesome wedding favors.

Oh, and speaking of chocolate, I tried chocolate covered bacon at the NACE event tonight. It was delicious!


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