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I have had many inquiries recently where I have had to fill out a questionnaire for my clients after I request that mine be filled out. So I decided that it was time to put all of this information together and post it somewhere. My website will be updated in the near future to include this.

Why should I hire a wedding consultant?

For many couples, it is their very first time planning a wedding. They are confused as to where to begin, how much everything costs, and how to choose vendors. Planning a wedding is not only about choosing your colors, flowers, and menu. There are logistical matters to attend to such as the timing of events, parking situations, etiquette concerns and knowing which vendors are reputable. We are there to guide you and to take care of all of these concerns. We are able to help save you time and money as well as your sanity so you can actually enjoy your wedding day!

What is your experience in this industry?

My experience includes various positions in entertainment, hospitality, food and beverage, catering and special events, and of course weddings. I’ve also interned with floral and design companies and assisted with many weddings.

What is your educational background?

I graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration and a concentration in Special Events. UNLV has one of the best hospitality programs in the world. I also completed the Wedding Coordination and Design program through The International School of Hospitality. The Association of Bridal Consultants has also recently awarded me the honor of Professional Bridal Consultant™ after completing a program where I was a Distinguished Graduate.

How much do you charge?

We charge a flat fee and the fee will depend on the type of service, location, size of bridal party and guest count, and many other factors. We can quote a price after a consultation to determine your needs.

Do you take a commission from vendors?

No, we do not take any commission from our vendors. We refer reputable vendors who we feel will suit our client’s needs, style, taste, and personality.

What is your style?

A good event planner will plan events according to their client’s style and not their own personal taste.

How much communication will we have?

We have a policy to respond to all emails and phone messages in a timely manner. We will respond to all messages within 24 hours. Regardless of the service contracted for, all clients will have access to unlimited email communication.

How many weddings do you do on a weekend?

Green Orchid Events will only take one wedding per weekend per wedding consultant. We will block out the day before and the day after your wedding so that no other events may be booked.

Will you be at my actual wedding day?

Absolutely. Juliet Douglas will personally be at your event unless another consultant from our team has contracted with you.

Must we use your preferred vendors or can we hire our own?

Our preferred vendors are vendors who are reputable and those we have worked with. However, you are free to choose your vendors and we are here to guide you in making the best decision for you.

How many assistants will you have on my wedding day?

One consultant and at least one assistant will be at your wedding. We will have more assistants should you have multiple locations, a large bridal party, and a large guest count.

How do you dress for our event?

For weddings, all consultants and assistants will wear black attire so as not to stand out. A business suit is not usually necessary however we will wear a business suit upon request.

Will you eat and drink during the reception and how comfortable will you make yourself?

Since weddings can turn into 10, 12, and even 14 hour days, vendor meals during your reception are much appreciated. However, we are there to do a job and will absolutely not drink any alcohol or join your guests on the dance floor.

Are you a member of any professional associations?

Yes, we are a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants and the National Association of Catering Executives. We are also a member of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce.

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