Unique Venues

Brides and Grooms are becoming more and more interested in finding a unique location for their wedding ceremony. Often times I hear, “I really don’t want to get married in a casino chapel” and “I don’t want to hold my wedding in a traditional ballroom”. In Vegas, the perception is that our main venues are hotels/casinos and country clubs. Couples are not limited to just these options. There are many beautiful locations that can be utilized for a truly distinctive wedding.

Consider these options:
Art Gallery
Ski Resort
On a balcony or rooftop

Believe it or not, Las Vegas offers most of these options!!

Anyway, two days ago, I stumbled across this blog while doing some research on San Francisco wedding photographers. Brian Ng is a wonderfully talented photographer from my hometown of San Francisco. I love the below image of a ceremony taking place at the AT&T park. The couple really saved on ceremony seating! Yes, the possibilities are endless!

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