Congrats to the winner of our Wedding Day Coordination Contest!

A winner has been selected and we are happy to announce that Kari and Anthony will be getting married on Saturday, June 13, 2009! In addition to a complimentary wedding day coordination package, they have also won an engagement session from AltF as well as a photo montage from Memory Lane Video! We are looking forward to assisting them on their dream wedding day!

Here’s their story told from the groom’s point of view:

I never thought I’d meet a woman who would love me and appreciate my childish sense of humor and most of all be a fitting candidate for the hardest job in the Marine Corps, being a wife. She’d have to be strong and intelligent to take care of herself and keep our affairs in order while I’m away. She’d have to be incredibly independent to pass the time while I’m out in the field fighting or away at training. Most of all she would have to be full of love to properly share the time we have. By accident I stumbled upon this perfectly balanced combination of qualities wrapped up in the most beautiful package I’ve ever seen.

I met Kari on St. Patrick’s Day after my friends wedding in Las Vegas. My father had invited her to Thanksgiving dinner with us after 30 minutes and I knew by the end of the evening that I was falling in love with her. In the beginning she lived in Las Vegas while I was stationed in San Diego and our love was able to grow despite the 321 miles from my barracks to her doorstep. Since she moved to San Diego in February I’ve spent half of the time away from her in training for my upcoming deployment. She has been planning our wedding tirelessly since I proposed to her on “our” beach one starry night. We plan to get married on June 13 when I return from Iraq, and I want so badly to give her the wedding of her dreams. She deserves it for standing by me when it would have been easier to walk away a long time ago.

Kari found a picture of a firefighter in his turnout gear standing next to his wife who’s in her wedding gown. This photo resembles our relationship more than I can put into words. The man willingly risking his life for others, and his love standing by his side. You know she’s scared, yet she stands by him with unwavering bravery that only he can truly appreciate.

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