Donuts Anybody?

Since I don’t have a major sweet tooth like the rest of America, my craving for donuts usually occurs only about once every few months. But I love talking about sweets and I love them even more for parties!!

I came across this company awhile back on another planner’s blog I believe. It’s a brilliant way to send your guests on their way after the party with a pack of donuts or even as a focal point sometime during the party.

A mini donut machine from The Fry Girl can be booked for your next special event! The machine can produce 100 dozen donuts in an hour. That’s a lot of happy little kids and big kids! For even more of a special treat, top your donuts with any number of special toppings they offer and seal the bag with a sticker of your monogram or company logo!

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    1. Many many years ago when I was a banquet waiter, the ‘in thing” to do in many of the catering halls was to set up a station where the wedding guests would receive bagels and the Sunday paper when they leave the party. Cool…
      So You Want To Be a Banquet Manager

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