Unique Venue Spotlight – Brooklyn Bridge in Las Vegas?

One of the most common requests I hear from brides and grooms is, “I would like an outdoor event. The last resort would be to rent a ballroom in a hotel because I can do that in my home town”. I also hear, “I want a venue that is fun and unique and something that will be new to my guests.”

Because of this, I’m always on the search for interesting and unique venues. We are unfortunately not the home to historic museums, venues rich in history or ornate architecture, or beautiful natural gardens and vineyards. However, I think that if we dig deeper, we can find a few venues to satisfy the taste of distinctive individuals.

The Brooklyn Bridge at New York New York Casino is a location that I think would be perfect for a great party. I know that native New Yorkers (including my cousins) would scoff at this idea but know that this venue is for the truly open minded and most likely NOT for native New Yorkers. I don’t blame you! I probably wouldn’t get married on a Golden Gate Bridge replica (or maybe I would)!

Anyway, the Brooklyn Bridge is situated high up so that people will not walk into your event but will see you and your guests having a good time. It is located outside (which satisfies most of my requests), is spacious and flexible and is not subjected to the noise ordinance like some venues are. I can’t wait to plan a party at The Brooklyn Bridge at New York New York!

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