It’s snowing in Vegas and that brings me to wedding insurance…

Las Vegas experience a snowstorm today where it snowed nonstop for hours! It is expected to be the biggest snowstorm in Las Vegas since 1979 where we experienced over 7 inches of snow!

Clark County School District will be closed tomorrow so I’m sure all the Henderson and Las Vegas students are pretty happy. Some flights have been canceled coming into Las Vegas and several freeway exits are closed. Of course some events have been canceled for today and tomorrow.

This leads me to the great topic of wedding and event insurance. Fortunately, I did not have a wedding today but there are so many holiday parties going on all around town. I know that some events have been canceled as a result of this snowstorm. In the event of cancellation, a client who has purchased wedding or event insurance would be covered.

I encourage everyone planning an event to get wedding insurance. Contact a company such as WedSafe for more information. I believe the few hundred dollars that it may cost is only a small investment for that added peace of mind.

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  1. It’s so strange when I hear about places shutting down and events being cancelled because it snowed…of course, since I live in Chicago and us crazy people over here drive in snowy conditions no matter what the occasion…ha ha. Not that it’s fun…sitting in traffic for 5 hours is never fun during rush hour snow – but at least we have salt trucks and snow plowers. Good points you made in this post, though! 😉

  2. We are all about getting wedding insurance. Did a post on it also, about a month ago.

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