Açaí and Other Organic Liquors – The Green Way of Drinking


Açaí, the Brazilian national fruit, has been gaining popularity in the last year. Açaí is a small round dark purple fruit high in antioxidants and popular when enjoyed in juice form or in tea.  Of course, whatever is popular in juice form, much like pomegranate, is usually transferred over to alcohol.

I came across VeeV about a year ago somehow.  VeeV is The World’s First Acai Spirit™ with all natural ingredients including prickly pear and acerola cherry flavors.   Check out their website for refreshing Veev Acai-tini or Acai Julep recipes!

The best part is that $1 per bottle sold is donated to Sambazon’s Sustainable Acai Project which helps the Brazilian Rainforest!

For other spirits, how about a Juniper Green Organic Gin, the world’s first organic London dry gin or Square One™ Vodka, the world’s first certified organic rye vodka?

Cheers to drinking cocktails the green way!

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