Top Reasons and Ways To Get Married in Las Vegas


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1. From quicky and fun to glamorous, couture, and luxurious – the possibilities of a Las Vegas wedding are endless
2. No blood test or waiting period
3. Inexpensive marriage license fee of $55
4. Entertainment Capital of the World – everything from free lounges with cover bands to Cirque shows
5. You won’t have to babysit your guests – all inclusive hotels with pools, spas, casinos, dining, entertainment and fun
6. Perfect location for a “weddingmoon”
7. Arrive to your wedding in style on a yacht or have the entire wedding aboard the La Contessa yacht at Lake Las Vegas
8. Be confident in knowing that the Elvis you’ve hired for your wedding is the best there is!
9. Drive through wedding chapels can be fun
10. Golf courses with breathtaking panoramic city views
11. Beautiful ballrooms unlike any other city
12. Helicopter wedding tour over Hoover Dam or Grand Canyon
13. Large private dining rooms in restaurants are available all over the city
14. The party doesn’t have to end once the reception is over – choose from nightclubs and lounges all over the city
15. Mt. Charleston
16. Gourmet cuisine and fine service
17. There is a difference between a five star resort in Las Vegas and a five star resort in San Francisco. Get the most bang for your buck when you stay in a Las Vegas resort.
18. Springs Preserve – eco chic wedding location
19. Red Rock Canyon
20. Trust me. Vegas has come a long way and is only as “cheesy” as you want it to be

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