Spring Season, Spring Allergies


With spring (and allergy) season in full swing, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss event scents and how they may affect your guests at your wedding.  Back in November of 2008, I wrote a blog post about utilizing the sense of smell when designing your wedding or special event.  When designing an event, utilizing all senses is part of designing the whole experience for your guests.  But, we also need to be sensitive to the comfort level of your guests as well as any allergies.

For example, I love the rosemary herb and to put a sprig of rosemary, basil, or any herb at your event in some area would be a great idea especially for a green and sustainable event. However, keep in mind that herbs in large quanities can be potent and not everyone has the same love of rosemary as you or I may have.

Now, this is not to say that it’s a bad idea to incorporate herbs, diffusers, scented candles into your event. I love designing events and incorporating the sense of smell.  Just keep in mind that there are those who suffer from allergies or plain dislike for certain scents.  As previously stated, I love rosemary but I’ve heard someone once say that it smells like “sweaty socks”.  I also love the smell of truffle oil.  But, my husband and his best friend – both tennis players – say it smells like a can of tennis balls.  For some, certain scents may trigger good memories or smell lovely, but for others, it may smell like something completely awful.  If unsure, use your event scent sparingly.

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