Things I Miss About San Francisco


To celebrate a successful spring 2009 wedding season, my husband and I will be taking a 5 day vacation to Napa Valley and San Francisco.

Because of this, I wanted to write about something personal for a change so that you can get a glimpse of my background.

I was raised in San Francisco.  Not San Jose, not Daly City, or any other “Bay Area” cities.   Often times, people will say they’re from San Francisco when they mean the general Bay Area. Nope, I’m actually from the city of San Francisco and proud of it!

Here are some things I miss about San Francisco:
1. The street with the steps – can’t remember the street name.
2. Cable cars. They are called Cable Cars. Not trolleys.
3. The view from my high school – George Washington High School. Danny Glover and Maya Angelou graduated from this school!
4. Union Square
5. The view of Golden Gate Bridge
6. Good Chinese food that doesn’t break the bank
7. Being able to see water…if I wanted to
8. Walking somewhere
9. Chinatown
10. Some of my friends
11. Living in a city with a real “downtown”

What I don’t miss about San Francisco
1. Small homes with a ridiculous mortgage although I currently live in a small home with a ridiculous mortgage
2. State tax
3. My mom having to take the bus to work
4. Living in the city, even though I’m a city girl

Although I miss San Francisco, I don’t ever plan on moving back.  But one day, I hope to plan a wedding in San Francisco!  I would love to plan a wedding at the San Francisco City Hall or the Westin St. Francis!

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  4. San Francisco is my favorite city to visit (right next to New York) I too would like to film a wedding out there with all of its awesome weather and architecture.

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