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Boss Sample

Green Orchid Events, in conjunction with Coastal Cigars, is giving away a Boss Box to one lucky groom!  The Boss Box is a wooden box containing 4 cigars, a cigar cutter, and a mini-bottle.  The cigars are the in-house blend known as “Carlos Villa”.  The cigars (Carlos Villa) are a Dominican filler with a Connecticut shade wrapper.  To enter, simply comment on this blog post and explain why your husband to be is the most deserving of this special gift.  Winners will be announced on July 20th.

More about The Boss Box:

The ‘Boss Box’ is a great gift for any well deserving husband-to-be.  You can have the name of the Groom placed on the face of the box!  The “Boss Box” is a cigar gift box that includes two separate compartments.  One compartment is designed to hold four cigars, matches and a cigar cutter. The other compartment is designed to hold your choice of a mini bottle, poker chips or Nike golf balls. The front label on the box can be specialized to show a picture, quote or design of any kind.

Coastal Cigars is the premier cigar rolling company in the country based out of Charleston, SC.  If you are having a wedding, throwing a corporate party, or organizing a special get together, please contact for more information on our services.  Coastal Cigars is able to provide you with unique event ideas and customized cigar gifts.  For more information on how they can make your next event truly unique go to their website at

Happy Planning!


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  2. I’d love to win this for Dan… would perhaps solve my problem of not knowing what to give him as a wedding gift, or for his upcoming 30th birthday perhaps!

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  5. This is perfect for my fiance, Duane! He loves a good cigar, but rarely splurges for anything for himself. This company is awesome, thanks for sharing–their specialty boxes could make an amazing groomsman gift.

  6. Early on, I made a stink about the stink, but now I realize that one can garner more long-term leverage by focusing on what is important–and letting go of what isn’t. If David wants to smoke (OCCASIONALLY!) with the boys–and I really can’t stop him–then better to show SUPPORT than to needlessly resist. He certainly does the same for me!

    This type of gift would be a tangible display of understanding (although, really, certain manly things almost defy understanding!)

  7. It’s 4 in the morning, I’m exhausted and I’m sitting up straight in bed because I am so excited I found this! My fiance smokes (whatever, not a big deal) and I told him I want to give him a cigar bar for him and his friends to enjoy during the reception. This would be so awesome to give to him.

    My fiance really deserves this because he’s been so great making sure everything is taken care of in our lives. We’re young, don’t have a lot but he’s got it all under control. He’s pretty much perfect. He’s under a ton of stress making sure life runs smoothly so he could really use this to unwind a bit!

  8. My fiance deserves the boss box because he is honestly the best man I have ever known. I didn’t know if we would ever get together because our timing was always off. We were friends for a long time, and he starting pursuing a more serious relationship. I denied him at first but his patience and persistence won out after almost a full year of waiting for me to be “ready”. Once we started dating, I knew it would last forever! When he propsed to me after 3 years, I could not have been happier! He deserves this cigar box because he has always been so patient with me and loves me soo much! I want him to enjoy something for himself for our wedding, and he happens to love the occasional cigar!

  9. Kelly:
    What man doesn’t love the occasional cigar. What’s best is that his best friend (you) will let him smoke it in peace! There are way too many girls out there that won’t let their guys smoke.

    Stay cool! 🙂 That’s why he loves you!

    –Jim B

  10. What makes Carlos Villa cigar popular and demanding is, the length of time it is aged in the cigar press. Instead of the normal 45 days it is aged for 6 months and also it is the perfect combination of Dominican and Honduran tobaccos combined with coastal air.

  11. Hey….! Is that true, you organised in the parties also, because I am planning for my wedding to keep some cigar roller in my wedding anniversary for the guest, Thank you for posting this, I will definitely keep this type of thing my wedding…..!

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