Love this beautiful bridal photo!

I saw this beautiful photo on my friend and talented photographer Chelsea Nicole’s blog and had to feature it on my blog too!  Here is what she had to say about capturing this moment.

“Prior to the ceremony the wedding day is often a wonderful, chaotic frenzy, filled with slipping into the dress and any last minute final touches. But in the midst of all the hustle and bustle leading up to the ceremony, there are moments when time seems to slow down, if only for a minute, and it allows everything to be taken in. That is the significance behind this image. This photo was taken in the bridal salon just minutes before Daniela was about to walk down the aisle and greet her smiling husband-to-be. Her mom and bridesmaids were busy fastening up her dress. But there was a moment where everything stopped — and Daniela had this beautiful pensiveness about her, and I just had to capture it.”


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  2. That is a beautiful image. She looks like one of those actresses in a b/w movie. I don’t know any of there names, because I always turned the channel(:

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