The Palms Resort Casino

I truly believe that Las Vegas is one of the best cities in the world for a Wedding Planner!  Although I miss out on beautiful architecture of venues like the San Francisco City Hall, we’ve got a whole playground of different venues to plan weddings in and the weddings are NEVER boring!

The Palms Resort Casino is one of the most famous (or perhaps infamous from The Real World Las Vegas) hotels in Las Vegas.  The funny thing is that the Palms is not even on the Las Vegas Strip!  But, it is definitely one of my favorite hotels in Las Vegas.

Hosting an event in one of these premium suites comes with a high price tag but I can guarantee that it is worth every penny!


Hugh Hefner Sky Villa with breathtaking views


3,000 Square Foot Real World Suite


The 2,500 square foot suite g-Suite modeled after the ghostbar.


2,000 Square Foot Crib Suite


The 2,350 Square Feet Barbie Suite

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