Wedding Welcome Gift Baskets for Out of Town Guests

One of my October 2009 destination wedding brides brought up a question this week about welcome gift baskets.  Her fiance wanted to know if they were a necessity and wanted my professional advice and feedback.  While out of town welcome bags are not a requirement for even destination weddings, they are a nice added touch to thank your guests for making the trip to see your wedding day.  Guests feel loved and appreciated when they are greeted by a special gift in their room from the bride and groom.

Out of town bags do not have to cost a fortune.  Here are some ideas for putting your goody bags together.

A nice note to welcome your guests is a good way to start.  If it is a small wedding, try to add a personalized touch by signing the letter by hand.  A local guide book of suggested restaurants, shops, and tourist spots is handy, but I recommend a list of your personal suggestions (your wedding coordinator may also offer recommendations).  Other items I recommend are:

  • Bottled water
  • Snacks such as crackers, chips, and cookies – we all know how fast the mini bar charges can add up
  • List of activities for the weekend or a wedding weekend itinerary
  • A map to the wedding ceremony and reception site
  • Necessities such as aspirin, sunscreen, mints
  • A souvenir or locally made item (for example, a real poker chip from a Las Vegas casino is fitting for Las Vegas weddings)

You can also personalize the welcome baskets to suit the locale or your personalities.  For the champagne loving couple, how about a split of Champagne or sparkling wine with two glasses?

Because I grew up in San Francisco, my welcome basket would consist of:

  • Ghirardelli chocolate
  • Prepaid All Day Passport for the world famous San Francisco cable car
  • Specialty sourdough bread
  • Cable car or Golden Gate Bridge ornament
  • Coffee mugs from The Buena Vista

With a little imagination and creativity, I’m sure you’ll come up with the ideal welcome gift basket for your out of town guests!

Happy planning!


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