Planning a Wedding on a Budget

The big “B” word is something I hear almost everyday as a wedding planner.  Almost every wedding is planned on a budget.  Some just have bigger budgets than others.  During these tough economic times, it becomes more and more important to focus on what is important to you on your wedding day without breaking the bank.  It’s also important to have a realistic vision of your wedding day. This is a good time for brides and grooms to compromise.

Just as you should not live well above your means, you should also only plan a wedding that you can truly afford.  I feel that it’s important to set a budget you’re comfortable with and pick out one or two items of your wedding day that tops the priority list.  Trust me, I wanted that live band for my wedding day too but feeding my guests and offering a full bar was more of a priority.  We may not be able to have EVERYTHING we want even though it’s our wedding day but we’ll still be able to make the wedding day special, fun, and memorable.  Above all else, it’s more important to start off a marriage without the added stress of feeling bankrupt.

Below are some articles I pulled off of my fellow wedding planners’ blogs as they discuss wedding budgets:

Sasha Souza of Sasha Souza Events discusses the “NittyGritty of Wedding Costs“.

Kelly McWilliams of Weddings by Socialites with advice on budgets to brides and wedding vendors alike

Liene Stevens from Blue Orchid Designs and her explanation of “Hidden Costs in Wedding Budgets“.

Celebrity event designer Colin Cowie and Get Married offer wedding budget tips.

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