Vendor Spotlight: Write Shot

I met Natasha after a brief introduction by Andy Ebon.   I was blown away by what Natasha showed me.  I LOVE books and the merging of their stunning photographs and excellent writing made me an instant fan!

Their tagline may describe it best:

The perfect marriage of images and words.


Name: Natasha Chornesky
Location: Las Vegas and Los Angeles
Company Name: Write Shot
Number of Years in Business: 3
Twitter: @thewriteshot

How did you get started in photography; what did you do before:
Chris has been shooting for over 20 years, with both his photography and written work appearing in the New York Times, Newsweek and other national and international publications. Ever since before he was old enough to pronounce “photographer” he knew he wanted to be one. Taking a cue from his mother, who first put a camera in his hands, Chris started shooting before he was old enough to drive. Chris shot weddings in both Chicago and Long Island before moving to NYC, where his editorial work took off and he found a niche covering street life and professional boxing. At that time, he wrote, shot and edited several magazines, eventually earning national and international recognition. Chris loves uncovering and telling stories, so it’s no surprise that three years ago, he and Natasha joined forces to bring  in-depth real photojournalism coverage to the lives of families. Since then, the two have covered milestone events from birth to death, including weddings.  Chris continues to shoot professional boxing and he is currently involved in several non-fiction writing projects to be published in 2010.

After not having shot since high school, Natasha picked up a camera in earnest in her role as summer director and middle school principal at several independent schools, both in the southwest and on the east coast. Documenting the students lives for their families and for school catalogs, she rediscovered her passion. Understanding, through her work with over 1,000 families, the importance of knowing one’s roots and preserving family history, Natasha left academia 5 years ago, to pursue photography full-time. She teamed up with Chris to document individual and family life events. Weddings are her most favorite milestones to record.

How do we describe our style?
Real photojournalism. Our pictures tell stories and our writing shares the behind the scene details and subplots. Our books reflect the true movement, warmth and emotion of a wedding and the days and events leading up to it.

If we didn’t shoot, what would we do?
If Chris didn’t shoot, he’d shrivel up and that would be the end of him. If Natasha didn’t shoot, she might survive, but only in the company of the couple’s three dogs and horse.

What are some of our hobbies?
Chris, a voracious reader, names The Confederacy of Dunces, by John Kennedy Toole as well as anything by Hubert Selby, Jr. among his favorites. Chris has also seen and rated over 1,500 movies on netflix. Freaks and Nosferatu count among his favorites. He is not a fan of “chick flicks,” so Natasha indulges in them (along with popcorn, Snow Caps, Twizzlers and Junior Mints) when Chris is away, on assignment.  Natasha also loves hiking with the couple’s three dogs, Gorgo, Grendel and Seven and trail riding with Halligur, her Icelandic horse.

Craziest wedding experience?

We showed up at a family BBQ 2 days before the couple’s wedding day and the bride opened the door exclaiming, “My dog ate the ring! The ring I am supposed to get on Saturday!” All 35 people in attendance spent the evening following the dog around waiting for it to go to the bathroom. You’ll have to read the couple’s Complete Wedding Book to see what happened . . .

What is our inspiration?
We’re inspired by our belief that everyone’s life is extraordinary and that life events should be properly documented and preserved for future generations. It’s important for everyone to know their roots, from where they came, of what they are made. Most people are moving too fast to share their life events and what they value with their loved ones, so we assist them in doing so.

An exotic place we’d like to visit?
We’d love to go to Cuba—to capture the extraordinary lives of kids training in the local boxing gyms.

Why do our clients choose us?
We attract clients who value real photojournalism and who love a good story. They are looking for an heirloom and thinking about their future families. They believe their wedding is comprised of multiple elements, events and personalities—much more than just what happens on their wedding day, and they are looking for a way to document their entire story, their new beginning– for themselves and for their future children. They want a book with which they can curl up and read, enjoying their story, with its own intricate subplots and beautiful images, over and over and over again.

Our advice for brides and grooms on their wedding day?
Just be yourself. You’re surrounded by everyone who loves and adores you. Each one of these people already thinks you are perfect, just how you are. So, don’t worry about a thing. All your vendors and attendees will roll with whatever happens and whatever happens is part of your unique story. And, remember to be grateful for all that you have. You are blessed.

Our unbiased opinion on the two most important investments for your wedding day?

First, a planner. We don’t ever ask if our bride’s have a planner. We simply ask, “Who is your planner?” We’ve found that in the absence of a planner, day-of organization falls on the shoulders of the photographer. Do you really want your photographer running your wedding? And, of course—invest in a photographer you love. The images from your wedding will last your lifetime and be passed on to future generations, so don’t skimp. Don’t wait until “later” to order fine art prints and a book or album. Brides who wait, end up not doing it and/or so overwhelmed with the number of images on a disc that creating an album for themselves feels overwhelming, unmanageable and time consuming. Your images, your book and your prints are a lifetime investment, not just an expense.

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