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Yesterday, we did a spotlight on the talented Natasha and Chris from Write Shot.  Today, they will explain in their own words their wonderful product and service they offer.  I still don’t believe this will do it justice. Their books are a must see IN PERSON!


Chris and I photograph, write and layout all of the content for each of our client’s books. Because each couple has its own extraordinary story and each wedding is also extraordinary, all the work we do is completely custom. We don’t use any templates. And, we don’t have any formulas. We really mean it when we say to our clients, “The sky is the limit!”  Our books average between 98-110 pages, and include anywhere from 125-200 photographs. Books are available in a variety of dimensions, but since we shoot full frame, we rarely make a book smaller than 10×10. All of our books are printed on UV coated paper that will stand the test time.

Recently, we bound a book for a husband and wife who show world champion cutting horses, so we had the binding hand tooled in their favorite pattern by a saddler and we commissioned a silversmith to hand forge a decorated sterling silver heart. And, in July we had a client who wanted their book bound in platinum goat skin complete with a layer of 6 inches of fringe, cut from the same leather! Currently, we have a book in the works that will feature one of wedding calligrapher Laura Hooper’s dazzling maps.

Whether a client selects a photo wrap binding or a custom goat leather binding, or something else entirely different, we’ve designed our books to be heirlooms–to be read often and cherished even when read over and over again. It’s a challenge to describe our books because they really are so different from traditional wedding albums.

In addition to the three books each client receives, we always provide a disc of high resolution images and our clients also have the option to order fine art and additional prints and books from us at their convenience.



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