Mini Donut Machine: The Fry Girl

I’m still patiently waiting to introduce this mini donut concept to the right bride and groom.

I love this idea!  They’ve also introduced a gourmet French Fry Station.

Check out a video of owner Shelley Beals and The Fry Girl on Extra.


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  1. Hi Juliet,

    It’s Shelley of The Fry Girl Inc. Just be warned! There are a lot of amateurs out there buying mini donut machines lately since seeing my success in the mini donut catering business. We have over 12 years of experience in this industry. ‘Often imitated; never duplicated’ is The Fry Girl’s motto. Experience is everything. I’m not sure you would want to chance this when hiring this specialized of a vendor for your events! Hire a professional and you will not be disappointed! We’ve been coming to Las Vegas for years to cater events. We travel all over California, Arizona and Nevada (wherever you can drive). We look forward to working with you on your next special event!

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