Engagement Season Is Here

Engagement season is upon us and so many lucky couples will be engaged this holiday season!

My husband proposed while we were on vacation in Anaheim to visit Disneyland.  He’s quite the writer and wrote a heartfelt and beautiful poem to me and incorporated the proposal in the poem.

Here’s another story I love that was caught on “film”.  Lori, who is the younger sister of my husband’s tennis teammate from high school (did ya get that?) was surprised by Tim at their very romantic engagement. He sang a song using his guitar from Guitar Hero, had Lori read a letter he hand wrote, and asked her to marry him. AWWW. They truly are a very sweet couple!


What is your engagement story? I’d love to hear them so please comment, reminisce, and share your stories with us!


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  1. Hi Juliet!
    My husband proposed to me in New York City at Tiffany & Co. while we were on vacation with my family. Tiffany & Co. has a strict rule against proposals at their store, but he did it anyway. Ha, kinda cute, kinda cheesy but very memorable!!

  2. My husband proposed to me on my birthday in front of all our friends and family. Before we were even dating he remembers me telling him that “Whoever proposes to me, I want my friends and family to be there.” We were all at Cheescake Factory and when he got down on one knee the whole restaurant just stopped. The guests were watching, waiters and waitresses were watching, and all of my friends who could not be there were on speaker phone! I was so overwhelmed with excitement….I don’t remember saying yes!!

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