Vendor Spotlight: Megan of Makeup in the 702

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Name: Megan Payne
Location: Las Vegas
Company Name: Makeup in the 702
Number of Years in Business: 20 years total- 6 years with Makeup in the 702
Blog and/or Twitter: no blog no twitter (as of yet)

How did you get started in wedding makeup and hair? My degree is in Fashion merchandising and Design. I thought I was going to be the next Donna Karen until I realized I can’t sew a zipper in he-he. So instead of changing my major completely I focused more on the art piece vs the design piece. Once I graduated my first job was with Lord & Taylor in Chicago. I was the accessories and handbag manager. The store manager quickly realized that I needed a bigger challenge- Cosmetic manager! He he now here’s a 21 year old kid running a department of 150+ employees plus counter managers, not to mention a hundred vendors. Well these ladies quickly embraced me and account executives from all the brands started to send me to their schools. So not only was I managing the process I was doing the process- fashion was history after that!!!! I fell in love with the idea that I could be so powerful to someone.  “I may not be a heart surgeon, but you would be amazed what the right shade of lipstick can do for someone’s day”. As I continued in the business opportunities came and Bloomingdale’s came knocking on my door- HELLO PEOPLE BLOOMIES!!!! It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Then, the real change happened – I came to Vegas to visit a friend for New Years. As I stood on the strip bubbly from champagne and giddy with the excitement of the fireworks, I made my new’s years resolution – I’m moving to Vegas!!!!!! And here I am. Almost ten years later and that much wiser and stronger.

When I moved to Vegas, I worked behind the counter for a bit, but once again, opportunity came knocking- Hello Macy’s Cosmetic Manager. I did that for a few years until I realized that I need to find a new calling. Hmmmm let’s see, I’m in the wedding capital of the world and this is the biggest small town there ever was – and Makeup in the 702 was born. Now trust me I do miss the stores, but an even more rewarding experience was about to happen – I get to be part of someone’s most important day of their life- that’s huge!!!! And to this day I don’t take it lightly. I also understand that my client needs to be comfortable in her own skin and that it is my job is to ensure that “You look like you, just on your most beautiful day”. When I started with my first few clients I would always think of my grandma’s wedding picture that hangs on the wall in my moms house. Even though it’s black and white, it’s timeless and classic. I think of that each time a client sits in my chair. How can I make her look her best today- but more impotently how will her photos look in 50 plus years.

My personal style is very classic and not trendy at all. More of a CoCo Chanel look.

Gosh, what would I be doing if I wasn’t doing hair & makeup? That’s really tough to answer, because I can truly say that I have the best job on earth. But…. I would be a chef.

What’s is the craziest wedding experience I’ve had? Gee almost every client asks me this or about “bridezillas” and I have to say I just don;t think they exist. Of course I was raised in retail and the motto – “Give the lady what she want’s- Marshall Fields”. But this is so recent and I just can’t get it out of my head. We were hired to be part of the new TV show Happily Ever Faster on TLC. Well the “feature couple” was a bit odd. Keep in mind that clients whom hire me know me- we’ve built a relationship long before the wedding day ever comes. With this experience, we had never met the bride until the day of the wedding. Now most people have a pretty good idea of what they want, or at least what they don’t want. But this bride that sat in our chair said nothing. I mean nothing!!!! We would ask her questions and prob for a response but nothing or ok. Kind of strange because she had absolutely no input in on her wedding day look/style. Of course she turned out fab!!!!

Best wedding experience? Hate to sound cliche, but all of them!!!!

What is your inspiration? Thinking about the fact that I’m part of hundreds of couples wedding day history

Name an exotic location you’d like to visit soon. My bed!!!! I’m a new mom so I’m sleep deprived.

Why do clients choose Makeup in the 702? At first I believe it’s because we are all inclusive. We bring everything including the chair the client sits in and we do not up charge or try and sell a client something on the spot. But I also believe it’s because a client can sense whether someone really cares or not, They know we are there for them from start to finish and then after.

Best piece of advice – “After the flowers have wilted and the food has been eaten, what do you have left? THE HISTORY OF YOUR PHOTOS”. Hire the best hair & makeup artist and photographer you can!!!!!


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makeup in the 702


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  1. Megan and her team at Makeup In The 702 were simply wonderful! My husband and I had decided on a destination wedding in Las Vegas, so all of my wedding planning was done long distance, as opposed to in person. Megan was extremely attentive to my requests via email and text messages. This was very much appreciated indeed! I relied heavily on other bride’s online reviews and am so thrilled that I decided to book Makeup In The 702 on my big day for hair and makeup. They were a pleasure to work with, punctual and professional. They styled my hair and makeup in the manner I conveyed to them, down to the last detail. Not to mention the beautiful job they did lasted well into the wee hours and the following day! Thanks again ladies, your work is preserved forever in my photos and memories of that day!

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