Vendor Spotlight: Gimme Some Sugar

Names: Kristen Wiese and Miranda Prince (owners/cake designers)
Location: Private cake studio located at 6360 McLeod Drive Las Vegas, NV 89120
Company Name: Gimme Some Sugar
Number of Years in Business: Still in first year
Blog: – just started blogging!
Twitter: @gimmeesugar

How did you get started in cake baking and design?
K- Actually, I started baking about 6 years ago during my freshman year of college. I was intending to major in Elementary Education, when 3 years into my degree I realized it was no longer my passion and I had no drive to continue. I left the university and enrolled in Western Culinary Institute the following spring and graduated a year later .. best decision of my life! Cake Design is a skill I picked up along the way, and practiced on the side. It wasn’t until just 2 years ago that I really fell in love with the art, and wanted to make it the focus of my career.

M– I don’t know how it started really. I just know that baking is what I always wanted to do. At my 12th birthday party, I even had each of my friends bake and decorate their own personal cake. There was never anything specific that set it off, it’s just always been my dream.

What did you do prior to this?
K– I spent the last three years as a chocolatier at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino/Jean Philippe Patisserie.
M– I too was at Bellagio. It is where Kristen and I met!

If you didn’t do cake design for a living what would you be doing instead?
K – Honestly, I have no idea – there really is nothing else that I ever want to do. I’m completely obsessed.
M – If I weren’t doing cake design I would love to do photography….that or travel the world as a drifter. =)

What are some of your hobbies?
K – GSS consumes most of my time and energy… but outside of the kitchen, I really enjoy running (I’ve actually ran one marathon, and one half-marathon) and eating out at amazing Las Vegas restaurants.
M– Before I had my own business I really liked to scrapbook and travel. I also try to get to as many sporting events as possible.

What is the craziest wedding experience you’ve ever had?
This past November we had a fairly large 3-tiered sculpted Super Mario Brothers Wedding Cake which was ordered by the bride as a surprise for the groom! The Cake featured the Las Vegas desert, the Mario Galaxy Sphere with the winding rainbow road, and Princess Peach’s Castle on top.. Not to mention a total of about 50 detailed fondant/gumpaste figurines such as Yoshi, Mario, Princess, Luigi, mushrooms, goombas, you name it! We spent countless hours during that week working on this project, and had only a few hours of sleep the night before to get it all finished! The finished result though, was well worth it!

What is the best wedding experience you’ve ever had?
K– It’s so hard to pick just one. Every wedding cake is unique, and we really do enjoy each cake project.
M– I really enjoy being able to meet with the bride and groom and getting to know them so we can make a cake that is just for them!

What is your inspiration?
K– Inspiration can come from anything – and it’s much easier to create amazing designs when we’re inspired. Most of our ideas come from fashion.. designer gowns, jewelry, handbags, but also patterns and shapes we find in stationary, architecture, etc.
M– We draw inspiration from everyday life. I look to patterns mostly, it helps that I have a TON of scrapbook paper. Kristen and I are constantly taking pictures of things that we see but want to make in cake.

Name an exotic location you’d like to visit soon.
K – I’m really looking forward to my trip to Hawaii this March. I’ll actually be making a wedding cake there, but extending the stay a bit to double it as a vacation!
M– I love to travel. Anywhere, anytime, with anyone. I want to visit Greece, go to the Amazon, see Easter Island, actually it doesn’t matter….it’s all an adventure!

Why do your clients choose you over some of your competitors?
We’d like to think our clients, and especially brides & grooms, come to us looking for a truly unique wedding cake experience… from initial consultation to the reaction of guests coming back for seconds… and still talking about the cake weeks after!
Each stunning, one-of-a-kind custom wedding cake is designed especially for the bride & groom… we really don’t like to replicate cakes made by other bakeries/cake designers. When it comes to cakes, we like to think “off-the-rack”, non-traditional, and sophisticated.. yet sexy.

What is the best piece of advice you can offer a bride and groom on their wedding day?
With so much time and money invested into one day… make it fun, laugh, and enjoy! Don’t sweat the small stuff, Wedding “bumps” just make for good stories to tell years after!

Anything else interesting you’d like to share?

We just want to thank all of our amazing family, friends, and clients who have been so sweet and supportive of us. We are incredibly blessed to do something that we love every day! …and thank-you Juliet for featuring an interview with us on her fabulous blog!


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