Lifestyle Portrait Session Giveaway

Green Orchid Events and Jessie Emeric of Emeric Photography & Design have partnered up for a photography giveaway! We are giving away a Lifestyle Portrait Session which can be used for an engagement session, trash the dress session, or day after session!

To enter this contest:
Comment on our blog and tell us about how you met and fell in love.  The winner will be randomly selected so you’re not being judged on how you met. But we’d love to hear some good stories!

Deadline to enter is on February 8th at 11:59 PST and the winner will be randomly selected and announced the following day.

Prize package:

* Lifestyle Portrait Session (which can be used for Engagement, Trash the Dress, Day After Session, Anniversary, etc…)
* 3 hours of photography time
* Online photo gallery to share with family & friends
* High resolution disk with choice of 45 print-ready images (printable up to 8×10) A print release will also be included.
* Photo session is valid only in Las Vegas

Jessie Emeric


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  1. My Fiance John and I met through a mutual friend. Me and her worked at MAC cosmetics together and a bunch of co-workers had all planned on going out after work one night. My friend had invited John along and we met that night. I loved his confidence as we talked and got to know eachother. As time went on we became closer and closer and I knew he was the one I wanted to marry. It was perfecting timing when we met. His mother had passed away and I was newer to Vegas so we helped eachother through some rough patches. Our love for eachother is stronger than ever! We just purchased our first home and we are looking forward to setting a wedding date!

  2. My fiancee and I met while we were both on vacation in Las Vegas. He came up to me and asked where I was from. I told him it was a small town on Long Island and that he had probably never heard of it. He said try me, I’m from Long Island too. Turns out we were both living in the same town in Long Island, New York we just had to go clear across the country to find one another! The rest is history 🙂

  3. Jason and I met 17 years ago in high school. Ugh…17 years. He sat behind me in debate class. We were buddies but we weren’t that close. I was one of those girls that had one boyfriend all through HS and he was the guy that had many girls. Fast forward 16 yrs. Thanks to my girlfriend’s insightful Facebook stalking skills, she mentioned that Jason had just moved to my town and suggested that we reconnect. She LOVES gossip. I had no intent to make him my boyfriend, he was not my type…blond, surfer, party-guy. I liked the serious suit types. Jason and I made plans to meet at a friend’s bar, my girlfriend and I arrived first. We were enjoying the handsome scenery at the bar when Jason walked in and that was it. I instantly fell in love and he did too thank goodness! He asked me out for the next night and then the night after that and so on and so forth. After several months and many margaritas we got engaged. We can’t wait to get married.

  4. Johnny & I were the co-workers that everyone saw love sparkling in the air everytime they saw us together – both of us were in relationships throughout our 7 year employment span and all that flourished was an amazing friendship – that was until last year when both him and I had been single for a while and suddenly our paths crossed once again. The minute we saw each other that November 1st we knew our love and friendship was as strong as 10 years ago. He moved in with me & my 2 kids, then his 2 kids moved in, then on Christmas Eve at Midnight Mass with God by our side Johnny proposed to me and it couldn’t have felt more right than that night!

  5. My fiancé Steve and I met online. We were both dating other people when we signed up for to see what it was all about. We corresponded via email for a few months then starting IMing for about a week. When I split with my then boyfriend, I sent him an email to let him know and it turned out he’d just moved out of his ex’s place. We made plans to meet for dinner, which lasted about 20 minutes as my friends were frantically calling and texting me. Turns out one of their neighbors set the building on fire and they needed a place to stay. I promised him it wasn’t a “bad date” phone call and that I’d call later. After they were settled into my place, I called him and we talked and set up our next date for a few days later. We had a fabulous time and I wrote in my journal that he was amazing and had such a good heart and I could see myself with him for a long time. We were engaged 6 months later and are getting married in Vegas on 10-10-10.

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