DIY Colored Crinoline and Petticoat for your Wedding

Last year, as I was scouring wedding blogs and magazines looking for different trends and wedding ideas, I noticed photos of some red, pink, and even blue colored crinoline/petticoats under wedding dresses.  I fell in love instantly.

I was so excited to read this recent blog post from our friends at Hot Pink Brides on Do-It-Yourself (DIY) colored crinoline.  While I definitely won’t be attempting this at home, some of our craftier brides may appreciate the option of creating one on their own!

If that looks intimidating, your can always purchase one from Pettiskirt Style.

What do you think? Is this something you’d wear under your wedding dress on your wedding day?

Photo credit: Pettiskirt Style and Project Wedding


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  1. Love the Vegas Wedding Planner. Really well done.
    Thanks for the tip on the crinolines and petticoats for under a wedding dress. I got a stunning floor lengthh raspberry hot pink chiffon petticoat that is to die for from them…

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