How Do I Choose My Bridal Party?

The wedding planner hears it all. Besides actually planning the wedding, we sometimes become the shoulder to cry on for brides.  Choosing a bridal party can be a very difficult task for most brides.  Just remember, it is your day and the final decision is up to you.  As a former bride with eight bridesmaids I can really relate. The worst is when I hear a bride say:

“I’m thinking of canceling my bridal shower. I don’t care anymore because my maid of honor isn’t doing anything!”

“I had to plan my own bachelorette party because nobody in my bridal party wanted to plan it.”

It’s important that bridesmaids be made aware that they actually have a role in this wedding. There is more to being a bridesmaid than putting on a pretty dress on the wedding day, standing by you during the ceremony, and being in all of the bridal party photos. This is a job!

Here are some tips to make your wedding planning a little bit easier by asking people to be in your bridal party with ease.

1.  When thinking of a bridesmaid ask yourself,  “Can they financially afford to be a bridesmaid?” There are a lot of costs that go into being a bridesmaid such as the bridesmaid dress, hair, makeup, bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding gift, etc.

2. Great people to ask would be friends you have known for a long time or a family member that you are close with.

3. Make sure each person is reliable, responsible, and trustworthy.

4. You are allowed to have as little or as many bridesmaids as you want, but you don’t want half of your wedding guests standing up with you during the ceremony! The most common rule is 2-3 bridesmaids for a small wedding, 3-4 for a mid sized wedding, and 5 or more for a large wedding. Of course, this all depends on your religion, culture, and preference.

5. Do not ask someone just because you do not want to hurt their feelings. If they are a true friend or family member, they will understand if they are not asked. You can always incorporate them in other elements of the wedding.

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