The Real Reason We Get Married

After falling madly in love with images from this Edward Scissorhands inspired wedding on Rock ‘n Roll Bride last week, I took the time to read the blog post.

The bride Karri’s quote just totally touched my heart and when we’re in the midst of all this wedding planning, sometimes it’s a good reminder of why we celebrate the beauty of weddings. Here’s her quote:

“Not all wedding days are perfect but It didn’t even matter that my cake’s fondant was imploding or that my hair literally actually weighed 10 lbs, or that my boobs almost fell out of my dress, I was marrying the man I loved. And this man will always be the Edward to my Bella, the Harry to my Ginny and the Ian to my Karri.”

Check out the blog post on Karri and Ian’s wedding on Rock ‘n Roll Bride for those images you won’t want to miss!


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