Vendor Spotlight: Haute Shots Boudoir Photography

I’ve been following Stacie’s blog for quite some time now and wanted to showcase her work.  I love her focus on boudoir photography which has become so popular recently!

Name: Stacie Frazier
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Company Name: Haute Shots Boudoir Photography
Number of Years in Business: About to celebrate one very full year
Twitter: @HauteShotsVegas

How did you get started in boudoir photography?

I was actually pulled into boudoir photography by my clients! I started off doing photography as a hobby that I was incredibly passionate about and was able to work it into my job as a graphic designer (my previous career). After awhile, friends started requesting sexy shoots with me and I found it to be really rewarding. Word of mouth then began to spread like wildfire and pretty soon perfect strangers began requesting this type of shoot with me – right around the time I was laid off from my corporate job. It turned into an amazing business and is the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my lifetime (second to raising my son, Austin).

What did you do prior to this?
I have worked as the graphic designer for Canyon Ranch SpaClub and also for The Selling Source. I’m happiest when I get to be creative so I have always chosen the path most conducive to being able to create something beautiful.

If you didn’t do boudoir photography for a living what would you be doing instead?
I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else after finally finding my calling in boudoir photography but I guess I could study interior design or could go back to being a Graphic Designer, if I HAD to.

What are some of your hobbies?
Hmm…would eating chips & salsa count as a hobby? Or what about watching the Real Housewives of OC (that show is addictive!)? LOL. Ok, seriously now, I enjoy things as simple as dining in nice restaurants with good friends &/or family…enjoying delicious food, good wine and great conversation. I’ve always loved to travel and explore new places. Shopping is definitely a favorite hobby too, although I don’t do it as often as I would like. I like looking for inspiration in fashion magazines or ‘losing myself’ in book stores. I also enjoy walking the trails in Seven Hills with my mom, Judy and our dogs Mazzy & Star or going on bike rides with my boyfriend, Joe. And, last but not least, going out for Greek food or Thai cuisine with my son, Austin!

What is the craziest boudoir experience you’ve ever had?
There are lots of crazy (fun) moments in my shoots but I would have to say that couples shoots tend to feel the craziest for me. I am absolutely in awe over how a couple feeds off of each other’s energy during their session. Posing always comes naturally to them when they are totally lost in the moment and each other. It’s super hot!

What is the best boudoir experience you’ve ever had?
For me, every boudoir session is the best ever. I truly love all of my shoots equally. I am so fortunate to get to meet so many fascinating women that make EVERY shoot a special one.

What is your inspiration?
My lovely clients. They all have such interesting stories, and wear sooo many hats on a daily basis. I am continuously amazed by them.

Name an exotic location you’d like to visit soon.
Does the French Riviera count as an exotic locale? I have dreamt of going to Paris since I was a little girl but as I got older the dream has evolved into exploring all of France! I would settle for a quick jaunt down to Santa Monica or even Palm Springs at the moment though.

Why do your clients choose you over some of your competitors?
We all have different styles and personalities. It all comes down to personal preference really.

What is the best piece of advice you can offer a bride on their wedding day?
I hope you will consider surprising your groom with the beauty of boudoir as a wedding gift….imagine the look on his face when he sees sexy images of YOU all dolled up and showcased in a gorgeous luxury album that he can treasure forever. It is sure to knock his socks off!

Anything else interesting you’d like to share?
I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world to get to do what I do now for a living. I get to live and breathe my dream and all while surrounded by the most amazing clients! I am truly blessed.

I also get to work with some of the most talented girls in the Vegas beauty industry, Hera Beauty ( I owe a huge thank you to them for helping bring the Haute Shots vision to life….and making our clients look unbelievably ‘HAUTE’!

Thank you so much for spotlighting Haute Shots, Juliet. I very much admire your work and regularly check out your latest & greatest on your blog!

Staci and her Hera Beauty team who will also be featured soon:


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