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Green Orchid Events has partnered with MissNowMrs.com for a gift card giveaway!

Here are the rules to enter: Comment on our blog  with your wedding date.  Today, so many women are opting to keep their last names. Please explain why it is important for you to take your husband’s name.

Contest will close at 11:59 pm PST on April 12th and the winner will be announced on April 13th.

Did you know that you don’t need to wait until after your wedding to begin the name-change process? The married name-change process involves researching, completing and filing your state and U.S. government forms, as well as sending notification letters to all of your creditors. As the fine details and forms can be seemingly undefined, we, at MissNowMrs.com have made all efforts to simplify this process and make it more enjoyable for you!

Whether you are in the planning stages of your wedding, or are now celebrating being a newlywed… OR even if you have even been married for years, you may complete MissNowMrs.com’s 3 easy step solution: Questions, Forms, File! You will have up to 6 months to access your online account with us, so that you may complete your forms at your leisure.

MissNowMrs.com was created to save you the hours of time digging for information and forms, to offer you a fun, stress-free transition from Miss…to…Mrs.! We are here to assist you in changing to your married name, answer questions, provide you with your options, and most of all allow you to focus on the fun of being married! Have questions? Call us at: 800.301.9296.

Congratulations on your marriage!


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  1. I am gladly giving up my extremely unique, and very difficult to spell and pronounce last name for my fiance’s very common and easy to spell and pronounce last name. I will officially be changing my names to have 2 middle names like my mother did.

    We are getting married October 10, 2010 in Las Vegas with a reception following in Miami.

    Awesome giveaway (again)!

  2. I am giving up my last name and taking my fiance’s because when the two of us become one, we will also be family. I find it beautiful that we will share a last name to pass on to our children.

  3. I absolutely love my maiden name, but it would mean a lot for me to have the same name as my (future) children. There’s something to be said for just having “that feeling” about changing your name. June 4, 2011

  4. My fiance and I are getting married on April 30, 2011 and I am looking forward to the day I take his name. I believe that a marriage means that you are committing yourself to a life of compromises where you put your husband’s (or wife’s) needs ahead of your own. What better way to symbolize your commitment to your new unity than to graciously give up your old name and take his. It’s because of this that one of the wedding moments I am looking forward to the most is when they announce me with my new last name!

  5. When I got engaged I felt all the same things each and every bride and Miss to Mrs. goes through, except for me, this is my second time around. I have already had the “dream” wedding and reception, but it was just that, an illusion of what I valued and perceived marriage to be at that time. Ironically I never took my first husband’s last name, now believing it had a lot to do with the independence I still wanted to hold onto and the individual I didn’t want to truly let go of to become one, and ultimately, a true partnership.
    This time around I want to embrace every moment, every bit of union, to relish in the fact that “I” will now become “we”. This time it’s not about a name, it’s about the uninhibited love and adoration I feel for this person with every decision we make as a team and every new memory we create together. I want to let go of the past and the ill-conceived notions of what I thought I would achieve through marriage. I am whole now, perfectly completed by my future husband. I will take his name as I have taken his heart and we will begin this new decade and chapter of our lives together as one, last name included.
    We are getting married June 13, 2010 in Las Vegas.

  6. While I love my maiden name, I’m excited to change my name because I feel strongly about the unity that comes from having one single-named family unit. My maiden name is my mother’s maiden name–I didn’t have my father’s last name as my parents weren’t married when I was born, and I always felt bad for him because we didn’t all match. The wedding is October 2 of this year.

  7. Our wedding is October 2, 2010.

    I can’t wait to take my fiance’s name. Not just because my last name is ridiculously confusing to pronounce and spell, but I believe it is a gesture of love and an honor for not only my fiance, but his family that I’m willing to (visibly) join their legacy.

  8. My wedding date is October 1, 2010

    While I certainly understand the desire some women have to keep their maiden name, I believe that taking on my future husband’s name completes the transition into his family and into wifehood. If I didn’t want to completely and totally be a part of him and his family, I wouldn’t be marrying him.

  9. Our wedding is set for Sept 10, 2011 in Las Vegas

    At first, trying to keep my name sounded better, because so many people acknowledge me by my last name. I thought, “What if people try to find me on any of those internet outlets (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc)?” But then I have come to realize that I truly believe that when a man and woman are married, they come into this new life together.

    I believe it’s important to carve out an identity as a couple and face the world hand-in-hand. They hopefully bring their own individual strengths and evolve and grow together as a whole. Chances are that they may raise a family together. Therefore, it’s even more important for the children that they know who they are and that they are a part of a single, strong family unit. I have heard of other couples, whom the wife did not change her last name, and it seems to confuses children when their own peers may ask why. For me, I would rather see on my children’s wedding invites “Mr. & Mrs Abuan…” versus “Mr. Abuan & Mrs. Nuguid.”

    Call me old-fashion, or traditional, or anti-feminist, but I do believe that men should be challenged to lead their families. It’s a natural way of life, and how this world that we have come to know today has evolved from. If other women chose to keep their name, that’s fine. Of course, this is my opinion of why I choose to take my fiancé’s last name.

  10. Our wedding is July 4, 2010

    My last name is a common word for a part of the male anatomy. No one needed to change my name to tease me since kindergarten. I am anxious to finally have that gone.
    Aside from the shallow reasons, I think it is uniting a family when everyone has the same last name. Taking on the husband’s is traditional, but I just like the idea of both having the same name to unite us and our future children.

  11. My fiancee and I are to be married on 27 September 2010. I thought about keeping my name, or putting it as my middle name to commemorater my achievements as ME. But then I realized that to take his name is to start our life together, and make it known to the world that I am part of him and would do anything for him.

  12. Our wedding date is March 12 2011.

    I am changing my last name to his to completely join our family together. I believe that in changing names to match that we will be a happy family. Also you don’t have to explain why you decided to keep your last name instead of changing to his. Besides this it my 2nd marriage and I never changed back to my maiden name from my previous marriage, but instead kept in due to my son. I didn’t want him to get confused that mommy had a different name than him. He was two at the time. Also my fiancee can not wait until I have his name and we are married for all time.

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