10 Wedding Planning Do’s and Don’ts from TheKnot.com Editor

Anja Winikka, Editor of TheKnot.com (as well as their other niche websites: ChineseWeddingsbyTheKnot.com and GayWeddingsbyTheKnot.com) and wedding planner for Married On Myspace has provided us with some wedding planning tips below.

10 Do’s and Don’ts from Anja Winikka, editor at TheKnot.com

1. DON’T wait up to 6 months to send your thank you cards. For gifts received before the wedding, give yourself two weeks. For gifts given at the wedding, cards should be sent within the month following your honeymoon.

2. DON’T include your registry information on the invitations. The best way to pass on this information is with a wedding website (check out the ones on TheKnot.com!) or by word of mouth.

3. DO only include the names of the guests you’d like to attend the wedding on your invitations. Want an adults-only ceremony and reception? Only put the parents’ names on the invitation. Want your single friend to bring a date? Include their name and “plus guest” on the invite.

4. DO handle the awkward comments with class; and know when guests are being more-than-nosey with questions like: “when are you having kids?” and “how much did all of this cost?” or “is this really a white wedding?”

5. DO utilize the internet! E-save-the-dates are growing in popularity, along with couples starting wedding websites to relay all the important information to their guests. An added plus: E-save-the-dates are green!

6. DO keep guests at destination weddings entertained by suggesting activities for them to do during their stay. Some couples even prepare gift bags with local trinkets, maps and travel guides for their guests.

7. DON’T ignore the tipping protocol. Unless gratuity is included in your bill, it is expected that you’ll tip the officiant and the church or synagogue ($500 or more), the delivery and set-up staff (around $5 to $10 per person), the reception staff (15%-20% of the food bill and $200 or $300 for the maitre d’), the stylist and make-up artist (15%-20%), and your driver or person responsible for your transportation (15%-20%). Tipping bakers, florists, your wedding planner, photographers and musicians is optional.

8. DON’T have a cash bar. Try to adjust your budget by offering a wine selection or a signature cocktail so guests won’t have to fumble for money.

9. DON’T ask for cash as a gift, even though surveys show it’s the number one gift couples want. By default, many guests will give cash anyway.

10. DO include dress codes on invitations so guests will know how to dress, which is especially helpful for those late afternoon weddings with nighttime receptions

Also, don’t forget to tune into Married on Myspace and place your votes!

What are some of your Do’s and Don’ts for weddings?


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