Something Blue

The saying “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue” has been around for centuries. Many brides have committed themselves to this for their wedding day. I have heard that the something blue was thanks to brides in Ancient Rome who wore blue to symbolize love and purity. It is easy to put this well known phrase into action, but the “Something Blue” might be the last one you think about or sometimes even forget. Here are some great options for you to think about when it is your time to take on Mission Something Blue!

Add a blue brooch to your bouquet. Even if your guests don’t see it, you will know it is there.

artbluebrooch 150x150 Something Blue

Who can forget the Blue Manolo Blahnik shoe that Big proposed to Carrie with in Sex and the City? A blue shoe on your wedding day would be a great way to incorporate the color.

blueshoe 150x150 Something Blue

Blue Jewelry

blue earrings 150x150 Something Blue

Blue Nail Polish

blue chanel nail polish 150x150 Something Bluechanel blue satin nail polish 136x150 Something Blue

A blue floral hair pin or you can add this somewhere on your wedding dress.

blue flower hair clip 150x150 Something Blue

A blue  clutch bag

blue purse1 150x150 Something Blue

And for those brides that feel wearing blue will clash, What about a “Something Blue” signature drink for your wedding?

blue hawaiian cream 150x150 Something Blue

What is your Something Blue?

Credit: Blue High Heel by Manolo Blahnik, Blue Brooch by, Blue Floral Hair Clip by, Blue Clutch Bag by, Blue Chanel Nail Polish by Chanel at Saks fifth Avenue,  Blue Earrings by Wendy Brandes, and Blue Hawaiian Creme Cocktail by Science of Drinks.

angelicasignature2 Something Blue

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  • Amberdawn

    My something blue will probably be a garter so it doesn’t show, hehe. Though a blue drink is a good idea, I do like blue curacao.

  • Amy

    These are beautiful accessories! You can also add a touch of blue by adding a sash to your gown…it will definitely make a big statement!