The Twilight Saga – Bella’s Wedding Dress – Spoiler Alert

Yes, I’m a tad bit obsessed (and so is Angelica) with the Twilight Saga but it’s totally appropriate that I blog about this since it’s about a wedding and some wedding fashion.  So this blog post is in honor of … Continue reading

Luxe Link Purse Holders – Bridal Party Gift Idea

I never understood why women would put their handbags and purses on the ground. Maybe it’s the way I was raised (clean freak mom) but I cringed even when I see purses on a carpeted ground of someone’s clean home.  … Continue reading

How Do I Fold This Napkin?

For a formal plated sit down meal, your place setting is the first thing your guests will see upon arriving at their seats (after they see that beautiful centerpiece of course). Venues usually have their “standard” way of folding napkins. … Continue reading

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