How Do I Fold This Napkin?

For a formal plated sit down meal, your place setting is the first thing your guests will see upon arriving at their seats (after they see that beautiful centerpiece of course).

Venues usually have their “standard” way of folding napkins. By no means are you required to have them fold your napkins that way.  During your wedding planning process, this is a great question that you can ask your catering manager.  Some venues have plenty of options and you can feel free to figure out the style that works best for you. There’s no need for the “goblet fan” or “opera fan” for your special wedding day!

When thinking about how to fold your napkin for your wedding reception, also keep in mind where you’ll be placing your wedding favor as well as the style, shape/size of your menu.  Will there be a napkin ring? Will you have a single bloom at each place setting?

There are entire books on napkin folding. I remember that as an undergrad at UNLV, we had an entire class on napkin folding (sadly, I ditched that day…oops but I more than made up for that with the hands on banquet training I received at numerous hotels).

I love these beautiful place settings from the Wildflower Linens website.

What’s your favorite napkin fold?


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