Luxe Link Purse Holders – Bridal Party Gift Idea

I never understood why women would put their handbags and purses on the ground. Maybe it’s the way I was raised (clean freak mom) but I cringed even when I see purses on a carpeted ground of someone’s clean home.  Anyway, I’ve had my purse holder for a long time and have found it handy on many occasions!  But it’s time for a new one…

Upon searching for a gift for my mom’s upcoming birthday on Cambria Cove’s website, I came across these adorable bridal themed purse holders!  So, of course I had to check out the website of the creator Luxe Link™.


Each Luxe Link™ purse hook comes in a suede pouch.  Check out my favorites below along with a cool diagram of how Luxe Link purse hooks works!

Follow Luxe Link™ on Twitter and visit them on Facebook. Check out the blog.  **Impatiently awaiting the arrival of Luxe Link Hello Kitty.**


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  1. A great idea for a unique gift for bridesmaid’s, but I am sure the bride will want one for herself too! After putting my purse on the floor, when keeping it on my lap was not convenient, and even walking away from it on more than one occasion (yes, even in public) I appreciate the practicality. The great designs are a bonus.

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