Vendor Spotlight: Meg Ruth Photography

Name: Megan Ruth Stay (You can call me Meg)
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Company Name: MegRuth Photography
Number of Years in Business: 2
Twitter: @megruth (are you sensing a pattern here?)

How did you get started in wedding photography?

I shot my first wedding when I was twelve, my dad gave me his 35mm film camera to photograph at my sister’s wedding. It was then that I fell in love with photography. I took classes through high school and went on to get my BFA in photography in college. I moved to NYC and started my career on the production end of the industry, but I missed photographing. So when my husband and I moved to Vegas I started my own business.

I absolutely love being a part of one of the happiest days in two people’s lives. I love that I get to share those moments with them and allow those memories to remain forever. It really is one of the things that brings me the most joy in my life.

What did you do prior to this?

In New York I was a studio manager for a food photographer. It was a delicious job. A little too delicious for my figure…

If you didn’t do wedding photography for a living what would you be doing instead?
I love what I do but secretly would love to be a baker in my own shop. I’m thinking mostly breads. I’d have some great photos of my bread, that’s for sure!
I’m fairly certain that I couldn’t give up my great brides and grooms though. I have way too much fun.

What are some of your hobbies?

I love baking. I always said if there was one thing I could eat the rest of my life it would be sour dough bread. Love it. Sewing is another passion, I’m working on my second quilt. It’s not as hard as you think. House projects are another fave, my poor husband has a never ending “honey-do” list. But I promise I help!

What is the craziest wedding experience you’ve ever had?

I was so fortunate that my, now, friends Packy and Anna found me and trusted me to document their wedding adventure when I first started my business. They got married ON the Hoover Dam two years ago at 7am. It was already about 110 degrees. “The Dam Wedding” was a dam good time.

What is the best wedding experience you’ve ever had?

There is always something special about each wedding I photograph but this past May I was able to be the photographer for my friend Amy’s wedding who I’ve known since I was six. We were roommates all through college and she means the world to me. Being able to capture the love between her and her husband, Warren, was a blessing.

What is your inspiration?

One of my greatest inspirations is Dorethea Lang. She was a photog-journalist during the turmoil of The Great Depression for the FSA. She went all over the country documenting the human suffering while making every ounce beautiful. Some people criticized her for making her images happen but I am a firm believer that you can direct a subject in a way that allows them to be themselves and get a specific message to the viewer while maintaining your integrity.

Photographers should know their photographic history; there are so many amazing predecessors out there!

Name an exotic location you’d like to visit soon.

The next place on my list is Spain. I want to go to Barcelona and Madrid and just meander the country in a convertible while eating scrumptious food. Doesn’t it just sound blissful?

Why do your clients choose you over some of your competitors?

The bride and groom are shadowed almost the entire day by their photographer, you want to like them. I think that a lot of people hire me not only because I produce images they’ll love to look at and share but because they’ll have fun with me. I’m a bit of a ham at times which I think people find fairly amusing.

What is the best piece of advice you can offer a bride on their wedding day?

Make sure you slow down and enjoy the little moments. By nature I’m a people watcher so being a photographer allows me to do that for a living, which is amazing. There are so many wonderful things that happen at weddings. The looks between sisters, or the mother of the groom. Enjoy all those tender moments and I’ll do my best to capture them for you.

Anything else interesting you’d like to share?

My favorite camera to photograph with is a handmade wooden 4×5 view camera. I love photographing with Type 55 Polaroid. It’s so dreamy.


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  1. Megan shot my wedding two weeks ago, and I could not have picked a better photographer! Everyone in our families and wedding party raved about how much fun she was to work with. She really brought out the best in us, even my dad, whose smile ends up looking like a snarl in every Christmas picture. Luckily in the wedding pictures he’s got a big huge grin! We thank Megan for that magic!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    It’s great to hear about your wonderful experience with Megan. Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience! I’m glad she was able to turn your dad’s snarl into a big smile in your wedding photos!

  3. Megan is amazing! She photographed my husband and me for our wedding announcement a few years back. I was a bit nervous to have my picture taken, shy person that I am, but as soon as Megan started working her magic I relaxed and had so much fun. She had great, original ideas that I never would have thought to try that turned out so well. The photos she took for us don’t look like anyone else’s and we have several of them hanging in our home.

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