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During your wedding planning process you are focused on decor elements for your big day. But what happens when the wedding is over and you are sitting on your couch after your honeymoon staring at a blank wall? That is where Inhabit Design steps in. Inhabit Design is an interior design firm that puts a fun spin on decorating your home.  They offer a bridal registry for interior design products and services. With their expertise, they help you choose color schemes, furniture, artwork, and more! This is a great registry that will last you through the years and after all your hard work on your wedding, don’t you deserve a nicely decorated home?

Check out their portfolio here.

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  1. We registered with Couples resorts. We have been married before and do not need anything for the house, so we registered for experiences instead. It sounds corny but our family loved it.
    The gifts ranged from romantic dinner on the beach to sunset cruises.

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