Vendor Spotlight: Wedding Cake Designer Tiffany Hicks

Tiffany Hicks is a talented pastry chef that I have known for over 4 years. She and I worked together at the Four Seasons Hotel here in Las Vegas a few years ago! And I must say that I absolutely love her obsession passion for pastry arts.

Originally from San Diego and trained at the California Culinary Academy (Le Cordon Bleu) in my hometown of San Francisco, Tiffany has been working in professional kitchens including the Four Seasons Hotel and Mirage for the past six years. One of these years, Tiffany had the privilege of working for pastry chef Stephane Treand, who has the distinguished title of MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France – Best Craftman in France).

Aside from creating beautiful wedding cakes, Tiffany also enjoys introducing kids to the wonderful world of pastry arts at parties. She has a teaching credential from grad school so I bet those parties are fun as well as educational!

Although she can do anything pastry, Tiffany specializes in cakes because “it is something that comes completely naturally to me”.

Oh and finally, Tiffany can make dog birthday cakes and dog treats on occasion when requested.

Additional info coming your way regarding her new business!!  In the mean time, check out her new blog here.

Tiffany in action:

Black and white damask cake including a stunning red cake stand Tiffany created:

A wedding cake Tiffany made while working at the Four Seasons Las Vegas.

And our Hello Kitty obsessed Angelica would be totally upset if I didn’t post this final cake that Tiffany created:

Wanna learn more? Check out her website at Peridot Sweets!


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  1. she really is an expert in cake making. The black and white cake is such a beautiful masterpeice. With her experience she has really mastered baking cakes. She truly is an expert. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. I went to CCA with Tiff-dawg and she is so creative and gifted when it comes to making beautiful works of art. Lots of love bff, hahaa.

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