Catering to Vegetarians – Vegetarian Wedding Menus

While I don’t consider myself a vegetarian, I’m extremely sensitive to special dietary needs since my husband is a pescetarian and my twin sister hasn’t consumed beef or pork since we were teenagers. I limit my meat intake and usually opt for the vegetarian meal at the many networking events I attend. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised but often it’s a plate of unseasoned bland seasonal vegetables or an equally bland pasta. One time I had the absolute WORST tofu served to me. I’m not exactly sure what the chef was even thinking.

When I got married back in 2006 (and prior to my husband’s dietary restrictions), we served a duet of filet mignon and sea bass to our guests.  We planned ahead and my sister was served a delicious and beautiful quadrant plate presentation of four delicious and beautiful items. She loved it. I was almost jealous. See below for the non professional photo that does not do it justice.

Vegetarians do not deserve a sub par menu and it’s a shame that they’re often an afterthought.  There are plenty of vegetarian options that are delicious and look beautiful on the plate. Here are some things to do so that your vegetarian guests don’t go hungry:

1. Find out your venue’s vegetarian options. All venues and caterers are able to prepare vegetarian items but find out specifics. It’s important even if you choose to have a buffet. It’s not nice to say, “well, they can just have salad”.

2. In addition to getting a final guest count, find out the exact count of guests with special dietary needs. Not only is it important to find out the number of vegetarians, but it’s important to find out if any of your guests have allergies to shellfish, gluten, nuts or anything else.

It’s as simple as that!


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