The Fry Girl Donuts. At Home.

In November 2009, I blogged about The Fry Girl and mentioned that I was impatiently awaiting the day I get to book them for a bride and groom.  I’m still waiting…

But they have now introduced these Fry Girl Donut Kits so you can make these mini donuts yourself at home!

undefinedI love this idea for a little bridal shower or luncheon at home.

Besides mini donuts, The Fry Girl also created fried candy bars, gourmet french fries, sweet potato fries, mini funnel cakes, and mini chicken corn dogs. I hear that churros are next!

And there’s the food truck of course:


The Fry Girl comes to Las Vegas often for events. Available for travel for your next event!

The Fry Girl Inc.
Shelley Beals, Founder
The Fry Girl Website
The Fry Girl Facebook

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