Vendor Spotlight: Janine Cali of Your Beauty Call


Name: Janine Cali

Location: Las Vegas

Number of years in the business: 12yrs


Facebook: Your Beauty Call

What did you do prior to doing this? I was in baking for 3 years. My high school job.

If you didn’t do hair for a living, what would you do instead? I always thought I would be a nurse that delivers babies.

What are some of your hobbies? I love cooking with family and friends and traveling.

What was one of the craziest wedding experiences? I think it was when we had two very large wedding parties to get ready, booked for the same day, not knowing they wanted to be ready around the same times. Needless to say we pulled it off, but after running around mad and having to hire an assistant, we had to drink that night.

What was the best wedding experience you have had? It’s so hard to pick one because I have been so fortunate to have so many great brides. Just being able to experience the joy of how beautiful I make them look and feel, makes it all worthwhile. There are a lot of bests.

What is your inspiration? My grandma raised me watching old movies and musicals, so I am very inspired by classic beauty, Broadway and old Hollywood. Every trend comes back around and that’s where a lot of glam started.

Name an exotic place you want to visit: I would love to go to Morocco. The colors, the culture etc…I wouldn’t mind experiencing it all.

The best piece of advice you can offer a couple on their wedding day: I would say not to stress and really enjoy your special day because even though everything doesn’t always run smoothly, it always comes together and makes for good memories. One you laugh about later. Plus, the show can’t start without you.

Something interesting I want to add is I think that a client and stylist should click because it is a relationship built on trust and to have a happy bride, we have to be on the same page. I have been very fortunate to have clicked with so many great brides.

All above photos by Adam Trujillo Photography

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