Thursday Therapy Las Vegas Launch Photos

Last month, we hosted our first Las Vegas Thursday Therapy event at Double Helix Wine & Whiskey Lounge at Town Square! We had a great turnout for the first event.  Gimme Some Sugar provided delicious cake pops with names such as “Sexy Red Velvet”.  Orange Soda Photo was nice enough to capture photos from our event. Sadly, Alicia forgot to hand off the camera to a fellow photographer so that she can get in on some of the photos! Here are just a few photos from the event! Head over to the official Thursday Therapy Las Vegas website for more photos!

Please join us for the next Thursday Therapy monthly event. RSVP here.

About Thursday Therapy
A fun gathering for wedding pros to meet, mingle, share.

We promote a culture of camaraderie, collaboration, and cohesion within the wedding industry. It is through our relationships with one another that the wedding industry will become stronger and our businesses will be more successful. We welcome all people in the business of weddings to join our fun and festive mixers. Thursday Therapy is a place for us to meet, mingle, and share.

Sage Wedding Pros are owners of Thursday Therapy with hosts nationwide.

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  1. Juliet, I came upon your blog from a post from Michelle at Sage Wedding Pros….I can see why she was so impressed with you!
    I recently attended my first Thursday Therapy and I was impressed. What a wonderful way to network as well as socialize with fellow vendors with the same goal in mind….to build a better business. My daughter Loreen of Reenie Rose has attended many Thursday Therapy evenings and always says how great they are and now I can agree with her.

    As a wedding planner you create such exquisite wedding settings and floral arrangements that it is a shame they are “short-lived”. Reenie Rose can provide you with an alternative and unique service to offer your brides. Loreen paints the bridal bouquet to immortalize the fresh beauty of the bouquet in an heirloom quality oil painting. Owner/artist, Loreen Hospodar’s innovative approach to preserving the bridal bouquet has been well received by florists, brides and gift givers. The painting provides clients with a fresh memory of your work which prompts the client to experience a wonderful memory of their wedding day created by you. Loreen works from photos for the compositions for her paintings so it is possible to work worldwide. She has developed strong relationships with florists as well as photographers to capture the bouquet at its best!

    Take a moment to look at her website and blog, I’m sure you’ll agree this is a much more modern approach to preserving the bride’s prized bouquet and your artwork. Loreen is a member of Wedding Wire and as mentioned on their site Reenie Rose can provide “a more momentous way to capture the beauty of your bouquet and the memory of your wedding day”.

    Thank you for taking the time to look at our information and best wishes for a successful first Thursday Therapy and many more to come.
    ~Mary Ann

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