How To Set a Table: Where Does the Fork Go?

I saw this illustration awhile ago and saved it on my hard drive. A few weeks ago as I was looking around for something on my hard drive, I stumbled upon it  and thought it was time to blog about this topic again. I LOVE this beautiful drawing that labels out where each fork goes, each wine glass is set, and even where the place card sits!

From a young age, I “trained” with my dad in his restaurant. I had the lovely job of filling up salt and pepper shakers at the end of the night. He was very particular and everything at each place setting. In my twenties, I then went on to become a food server as well as a banquet server in various casual to high end establishments. I am so grateful for those experiences as they all contribute to my knowledge as a wedding planner today.

Why is this important to a wedding planner? Well, I have seen wedding images where I immediately notice that a fork and knife are in the wrong places. Or that the spoon is pointed in the wrong direction. It’s embarrassing for the couple or guest of honor at a party. Clearly, this would never happen in a fine resort, however, we’ve planned some DIY or home weddings where we are in charge of setting tables. We’re able to, in those circumstances, set everything up properly for the table.  Yes, it’s in the little details. Right down to the salt and pepper shakers.

Artist: Amy Borrell


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  1. Very cute, very helpful, didn’t know about the butter plate but I found some the right size at Pier I, cute white and square we’ve used them for that very purpose and small

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