Vendor Spotlight: SHE PAPERIE + design boutique

SHE PAPERIE + design boutique | celebrating life through paper. I met Suzanne last year and have already worked on two different projects with her so far. We bonded over both being moms to toddlers as well as the fact that she is mom to twins and I have a twin sister! Anyone who is raising or has raised twins is a hero in my book! I’m so excited to feature a spotlight on Suzanne and her company SHE PAPERIE + design boutique.

Describe your perfect day off.
My perfect day off would consist of sleeping in until at least 10 am, eating my favorite foods all day long (waffles + fresh fruit for breakfast, a gourmet salad + a sandwich for lunch, Red Velvet Café chocolate chip cookies for an afternoon treat, mini sliders or grilled chicken and vegetables from one of my favorite restaurants for dinner, oh and a Pizookie for dessert because 2 treats in one day is obviously not enough), shopping at some of my favorite stores, going on a picnic with my family, spending ample time at my favorite spa and getting a 2 hour deep tissue massage, reading magazines/blogs/pinning away on Pinterest, going to a concert with my husband (U2, Beastie Boys, or Coldplay please), and then ending the day by staying in a luxury suite with a beautiful view of The Las Vegas Strip.  All that’s doable in a day, right?!

Favorite places to shop:
I definitely have my favorite spots!  Home Goods and Z Gallerie for home décor / Nordstrom, Forever 21, H&M, and GAP for fashion / Trader Joes for food / and Anthropologie and Target for everything in between!

Heels or flats:
Fabulous flats 6 days out of 7

Favorite candy bar:
I don’t really like candy, but I am totally into homemade chocolate chips cookies and ice cream…or enjoying the two of them together for an ultimate treat!

Favorite cuisine:
Thai might be my new fave but Italian is always a classic favorite of mine.

Comedy or drama:

Email, phone, or text:
Email for sure

Stay in/or go out?
I prefer to stay in, but I do need date nights with my husband and a girls night out every now and again!

What’s a fun fact about you that you’d like to share with our readers?
I am still able to recall useless bits of information from many years ago like what I wore on the first day of school K through college, what my friends’ phone numbers were in high school, lyrics to songs I haven’t heard in years…you know, super important things like that!

How I got my start:
Right after I earned my college degree in Communications/Advertising, I realized I didn’t want a job in the field I had been studying for the past 4 years prior – sorry Mom and Dad!  I had always been drawn to creative endeavors in life and just knew that I didn’t want to spend my future working at an ad agency coming up with panty hose ad campaigns.  So shortly after graduation I got a job as an assistant to a graphic designer.  I made trips to the paper store, post office and tied all the ribbons on each order that went out.  Super exciting, right?! Obviously that still left me hungry for more, but going back to school to learn graphic design was not really an option for me at the time.  So I got my first design program, Illustrator 8 (now I’m really dating myself), and have literally taught myself all that I know.  What started out as teaching myself how to draw a basic circle has blossomed into a full fledged career as a graphic designer and small business owner for the past nine years.  I officially started my business on my 25th birthday and haven’t looked back since.  I love being able to help others celebrate life’s occasions big and small through unique, one of a kind printed pieces and at SHE PAPERIE + design boutique, we do exactly that.


Below is a sample of some of Suzanne’s work!

I also had to post the recent logo redesign for Your Beauty Call. I think it suits them perfectly!

Check out the awesome SHE PAPERIE blog!


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