Frozen Yogurt Bar

Food stations, buffets, and various “bars” are so popular for weddings. Whether it is a candy station, cereal bar, cookie buffet, popcorn bar, cupcake station, or brownie bar, guests go nuts over these things!

Since self serve frozen yogurt bars are all the rage these days, I think guests would enjoy a frozen yogurt bar at a wedding.  I’ve done gelato bars at weddings and they were a hit so this is a similar concept except that guests would have different toppings to add to their frozen yogurt. I was browsing through the Pinkberry site and noticed that a location will be opening up in CityCenter Las Vegas soon. And, they offer catering! We also have Yogurtland all over Las Vegas and they also provide catering. I had no idea so I’m looking forward to using them in a wedding or kid’s birthday party soon!

Photo from Pinkberry‘s website by photographer Caroline Tran


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