Las Vegas Helicopter Wedding

Happy Friday!   This lovely image of a helicopter elopement/intimate wedding to the Grand Canyon was taken by South African beauty Ella Gagiano. For the rest of the photos from this wedding, check out Ella’s blog post here. If you … Continue reading

Coming Attraction Trailer for Candice and Lally

We planned an amazing wedding this past Memorial Day weekend at the Fountain Terrace at the Four Seasons Hotel. Photos are coming soon but here’s a preview of Candice and Lally’s wedding day with a “coming attraction” trailer by Lighten … Continue reading

Let’s Eat Cake

I wanted to send you off to your weekend with an amazing image. I love this fun photo captured by Ron Miller Photography. What a cool way to end the night with sparklers that spell out “Let’s Eat Cake”. I … Continue reading

SnöBar: Alcohol Infused Gourmet Ice Cream & Ice-Pops

With temperatures exceeding 110 degrees fahrenheit right now in Las Vegas, cooling off with ice pops, frozen yogurt, and ice cream is just what we need! Enter SnöBar for the 21 and over crowd. I recently wrote about the new Neapolitan lounge … Continue reading

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