One Six Sky Lounge

One of the most popular requests I get from couples when we’re looking for a wedding venue is that they want a view of either the Las Vegas strip or a view of the entire city.  Sometimes the budgets don’t allow for something that is located on the actual strip. There is a premium for a view!

We’ve got a hidden gem in Las Vegas called the One Six Sky Lounge. One Six, a former nightclub, is located inside Eastside Cannery which is less than 10 miles away and about a 20 to 25 minute drive from the strip. You’ll want to consider providing transportation if you plan your wedding here though but I think it’s well worth the cost.

While these photos are beautiful, it still doesn’t do it justice. If you’re considering a wedding in Las Vegas and want either a nightclub feel or a view of the strip, the One Six Sky Lounge is a venue that you should consider touring!


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  1. Thank you for spotlighting this! Maybe you can confirm for us…this venue is no longer open to the general public as a lounge (during operation hours), correct? You must have an appointment to view it?

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