SnöBar: Alcohol Infused Gourmet Ice Cream & Ice-Pops

With temperatures exceeding 110 degrees fahrenheit right now in Las Vegas, cooling off with ice pops, frozen yogurt, and ice cream is just what we need! Enter SnöBar for the 21 and over crowd. I recently wrote about the new Neapolitan lounge which serves up spiked ice cream in drink form. SnöBar Frozen Cocktails, on the other hand, are alcohol infused gourmet ice cream and ice-pops with a full cocktail in every serving. Their products are made with natural ingredients and premium alcohol. A few flavors that I’d love to try are the Brandy Alexander Chocolate Chip Ice Cream which blends brandy, crème de cocoa and premium dairy with chocolate chips, Grasshopper Ice Cream which is made from brandy, crème de menthe and crème de cacao and the Cosmopolitan Ice-Pop which consists of premium vodka and triple sec. I’m cooled down just thinking of it!

Of course, I always think of ways to incorporate fun and unique products into a wedding, bachelorette party, or a special milestone birthday! Imagine offering guests an ice pop upon arrival at the cocktail hour instead of a signature cocktail. Or how about an ice cream station at the reception made up of SnöBar ice creams? I would probably recommend having regular ice cream on hand to serve minors still! It’s definitely not for everyone but anything goes when you’re planning a wedding in Las Vegas, right?

Doesn’t this video make you just want to try one?


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