Stationery: Escort Cards and Place Cards

Escort cards and place cards are always used interchangeably and shouldn’t be.

To avoid confusion when talking to your wedding planner, catering manager, and stationer, here’s a quick glossary of a few terms. Escort cards and place cards are used interchangeably but they are two different things:

Escort Cards – These are cards usually placed at the entrance of the reception or in the foyer area. These cards “escort” guests to their assigned tables.

Place Cards – This is at each place setting at the guest tables. This is used for assigned seats.

Escort Seating Chart – This serves the same purpose as the escort cards but is in the format of a chart.

Seating/Escort Chart:

Photo credit: J & J Photography; Seating Arrangement Board: Cathy from 1st Impressions Invitations

Escort cards:

Photo credit: Whitney Darling




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Originally published in December 2010

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