Laraine and Richie: A Turquoise and Red wedding at JW Marriott

If you believe in angels, then I swear the wedding angels send me the most amazing couples! Laraine and Richie will always hold a special place in my heart. They were beyond patient and understanding when I gave birth to my little girl just one month prior to their wedding! Putting myself in their shoes, I would have panicked, but they remained calm and knew we had things under control!

The couple chose to have turquoise and red as their wedding colors. I loved it as it was something different and thanks to the talents of Naakiti Floral, it came together beautifully! After spending some time with their family and friends at the rehearsal and during the wedding day, I could see why Laraine and Richie are such a dynamic duo. I am so glad to have the memory of their wedding thanks to Adam Trujillo Photography and Video.


Wedding Team

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